Windows 10 Based Universal App For Connected Home

In the arena of connected homes, it is incredibly important that home owners be able to speak commands and are able to communicate verbally with their devices at home. VOLANSYS had worked out a commendable connectivity solution and a voice-based command support system for a client dealing in connected home devices and appliances.

Aim of the Project

The goal was to create a universal app based on Windows 10. This app would be able to run seamlessly across all Windows platforms using the same code base without the need of any third-party dependency.

The Challenge

The integration of the communication platform with a voice-based command support system, while ensuring that the end user was comfortable enough in using the entire set up was the foremost difficulty that we faced in this project.


  • Cloud based windows 10 universal connected application
  • Simple and straightforward device that connects you to your home from any smart phone or tablet, anywhere in the world
  • Product enables light switches, lights, thermostats, motion sensors, and other electrical devices to interoperate through power lines, radio frequency (RF) communications, or both
  • It employs a dual-mesh networking topology in which all devices are peers and each device autonomously transmits, receives, and repeats messages
  • Current product has C# &. .NET based two code bases one each for web and Windows Mobile UI
  • New Windows 10 based universal app will work on all Windows platforms using the same code base without any third party dependency


Our IoT team implemented a universal application framework for applications that were supposed to be the controlling points of device connectivity. The connectivity solutions employ a dual-mesh networking topology in which all devices are peers to each other and every one of them autonomously transmits, receives and repeats messages. The framework enabled concerned applications to share codes across the Windows 8.1 platform without any dependency or need of interference from any sort of Third Party.We have also shaped up a personal virtual assistant for the client’s customers. This virtual assistant, functions on the basis of a voice-based command support system (Cortana). The executable command list includes functionalities like turning light on, showing remote cam views among other similar and more advanced features.The device owners are thereby empowered to control their home appliances from any corner of the world, using their smart phones or tablets.Following list shows our contribution:

  • Designed and developed Windows 10 based universal application
  • For Desktop, Tablets and Windows phones (8.1 platforms)
  • Integrated and upgraded client’s cloud services to support Windows 10 universal application
  • Migrated single windows 10 universal app framework for mobile & desktop applications
  • Implemented algorithm to removed third party dependencies
  • Use of MVVM design pattern architecture
  • User Interface Design(UI) for Windows Universal Application
  • Implementation of personal virtual assistance voice based command support (Cortana) to turn on lights, show camera views, and for more advanced features
  • Implemented tile updating with the sensor’s status as well as Push notification
  • Support for Push notification service
  • Support for HD Camera
  • Product Enhancements
  • Prepared test plan and validated UI & App on all platforms
  • Desktop/Laptop, Phone & Tablet
  • Post Deployment Support