Wireless Cabin Control System for Aircrafts

Client Overview

A Fortune 500 company specialized in creating the most advanced and innovative solutions for aerospace, defence, and security domains.

Business Challenge
  • A state-of-the-art cabin control system for an aircraft that was required to be configured in an efficient and non-labour-intensive method
  • Multiple areas of expertise required to deliver the entire solution including hardware, firmware development, mobile application, web interface and backend server
VOLANSYS Contribution

An innovative solution using VOLANSYS’ Modular IoT Gateway that configures cabin management system such that cabin crew of the aircraft can use a single handheld device to control Light, Overhead Storage, PSU, and Wireless Speaker.

  • VOLANSYS developed Web User Interface, mobile app, embedded software and integrated backend server to operate the end devices
  • Configured and operated PSU, lighting, overhead bin and wireless audio with features such as:
    • Cabin lighting control
      • Zone (first class, preferred class, and standard class) management
      • Scene (left, middle, right columns) management
      • Maintain list of lighting devices (Add/Edit/Remove)
      • Device ON/OFF
    • Overhead Storage Bin Control
      • Indication & control of overhead bins to open/lock/unlock
    • Passenger Service Unit Control
      • LED backlit indicators for No Smoking, WiFi Available, and Fasten Seat Belts
    • Wireless Audio
      • Allow a flight attendant to select from 1 of 10 available music tracks and the system will stream this audio to all the available Wi-Fi speakers
Solution Architecture
Benefits Delivered
  • As a single stop solution enabler, improved operational efficiency with multi-vendor services support
  • Improving operational efficiency of flight crew with centralized control of cabin configurations
    • Crew can operate entire cabin (including lights, PSU etc) using single web interface