RF Cooking Is In, And We Are All Set To Nudge It A Step Forward

RF Cooking Is In, And We Are All Set To Nudge It A Step Forward

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Not long after Freescale declared its cool solid state RF oven, have OEMS around the world, begun testing grounds for improvising on the design and usability of the oven. Opportunities abound, the brightest future lies in front of those who take it up from being a counter-top premium appliance at home to something, used largely in everyday cooking at homes and commercial kitchens.

We are stunned by how effective RF cooking could ever be – not more burnt food, no over-baked cakes, no rubber chicken just perfect fresh food, cooked to the right degree of doneness – all by the grace of a closed loop RF circuitry.

And, yes, we are excited about the larger picture. As system integrators and IOT enablers, here is a list of awesome stuff that can be done with Sage (that’s what they have named the sophisticated cylindrical RF oven).

1. Put it in sync with kitchen owners

Getting to know that food is ready to be forked up, while you are clicking on the keys of your keyboard could be a grand idea and cloud always comes to rescue when it is about remotely connecting people to their belongings. So the next time the little ones are at home early, mom would either talk Alexa or Siri into warming the food up (we are considering an already connected home here) or Sage will do the part itself and heat up some crisp chicken to the right tenderness and crispness.

2. An integrated calorie teller

We are talking about combining the concept of smart health with a smart kitchen. Sage currently does not showcase this feature. Integrating a calorie teller, that talks about the co-relation between temperature and nutrition value. The basic idea behind putting RF to work in this oven is, the intelligent circuitry knows exactly when to turn the heating off, while minding its optimal nutritional value. A calorie teller would add spark to the whole utilization criterion by keeping the user informed about what kind of food he/she is consuming.

3. An integrated preset timer

This could seem tiny, but would be an extremely valuable inclusion. Using the preset timer mechanism, it could be possible for the appliance owner to define the time when lunch would be cooked or when the dinner soup gets done. This is generally important for people who stay out a lot and have to constantly worry about when the house-hold help is coming home to prepare food, while the quality of food prepared is an added source of worry.

The facility to pre-define time would be customizable, meaning, the consumer can set different day and night cooking timings for different days, or in case of social occasions like birthday parties.

4. A situation-based model may be?

Might be confusing to understand, but it is fairly possible. The idea has to be to create a model that can operate in different modes – child mode, patient mode, senior mode, general mode, and a lot other modes, as an example.

The argument behind this version is people of different age-groups and health requirements prefer food with different degrees of softness, mushiness and crispness. So, while ‘convection’ can be utilized more frequently for preparing dishes meant for kids, a lightly tossed sesame salad for an elderly might have to be a tad more steam cooked than the normal salad.

5. A different version for commercial kitchens

A unique feature of this oven is, it can handle multiple recipes at the same time – an extremely useful feature for a busy kitchen, seemingly one that plates out a lot of food.

To add to this feature, OEMs could come up with a totally different version of Sage that is integrated with on-table ordering applications. When an order directly gets placed in the oven’s ‘to-be-cooked’ dishes, it can intimate the chef to put in the desired ingredients and off it would go! There is absolutely no need of any steward to take the order and communicate to the chef. So basically, there is spared, no room for goof-ups.

All these developments and inclusions are purely based on what we think the future for Sage could be. If you happen to imagine in a different dimension, well, we are all ears! Let us know your precious thoughts by connecting with us.