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Cloud Test Automation Using Selenium

Cloud Testing is a means of testing cloud-based applications that use resources found in the cloud. By resources, we mean any element (hardware, software, and infrastructure) necessary to carry out…

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Implementing Fog Computing for IoT Ecosystem

Industry 4.0 empowers Industrial Solution to adopt and leverage data gathering and analytics capabilities of Cloud Computing for predictive analysis, reducing maintenance downtime, centralized storage, and remote management. But with…

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Application Centric Clouds are in Demand

With Thousands of scripting languages, applications, funding models, and infrastructures, virtual machine templates for designing and deploying multi-tire application stacks are rarely available. Commoditization of the application practice along with…

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Future is in Fog Computing

The rise and proliferation of Smart Things gave rise to a massive increase in the volume of digitally generated data. The limitations of current cloud computing have recently become a…

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Essential Tips For Cloud Security

With the world getting comfortable with Virtualization, Cloud Services has taken a leap. As more and more people are getting drawn to receive cloud-based service the risk of security has…

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OAuth2 Plays a Vital Role In Cloud Computing

The OAuth 2.0 is the latest version of the OAuth protocol considered as useful for providing authorization decisions across a network of web apps and APIs. OAuth protocol, which is…

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