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FDA Approval for Medical Devices: Winning the Battle of Product Quality V/S Speed to Market

Medical device regulation is complex, because of the wide variety of items that are categorized under medical devices. They may be simple tools used during medical examinations, such as tongue…

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How to Achieve Continuous Software Delivery Using DevOps Tools and Methodologies

Acceptance of Agile methodologies has increased in the organization to enhance the delivery of software. Initially, it started in the development organization and then expanded its territories, namely in IT…

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Automate Mobile Acceptance Testing using Calabash

The universe of Mobile Applications and its usage is on relentless expansion from a mere informative interface to heavy content management to 3D entertainment to dive into Internet of Things.…

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Top 10 Mobile Testing Tools You Should Know

Today, organizations have to consider various factors while developing a mobile application to make it commercially successful. It needs to provide flawless and personalized user experience. In the last few…

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Why Performance Testing is Important?

Why there is so much fuss about application testing among developers? Well, the main reason can easily be attributed to the indomitable role performance testing that plays in the success…

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How Selenium is useful in Automation?

Selenium has evolved as one of the most popular automated testing tools for a variety of apps and websites ensuring a flawless user experience. Selenium can address the constant changes…

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