VOLANSYS All Prepped Up To Offer Homekit Compliant IoT Solutions

VOLANSYS All Prepped Up To Offer Homekit Compliant IoT Solutions

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Smart home is the reigning buzzword in the automation ecosystem. And Apple is, as of now, the most dedicated name that is religiously striving towards automating homes through its range of HomeKit solutions.

VOLANSYS is already one of the Homekit compliant IoT service providers. The company is geared to increase its presence in the Home automation environment through its role in SDK compliance testing and MFI compliant stack development. A strong hold in MFI integration through superior embedded engineering has enabled VOLANSYS in fulfilling a prominent role in Apple’s home automation drive.

The company’s technical team has already come up with a marketable Apple compliant IP for automated lighting, using its incredible expertise in IoT. The system focuses on remotely controlled bulbs, fans and other appliances, and involves the combined functionality of Apple’s Homekit SDK, Marvell’s firmware, and VOLANSYS’s proprietary MFI compliant stack.


VOLANSYS looks forward to deepening its role in the home and office automation market by further utilizing its own expertise in IoT integration, coupled with robust cloud structures.

A hurdle-free home automation would be possible when people can stay in touch with every aspect of their homes, every minute of the day.

Considering the fact that Apple already had Siri in place, and is working on making her a better interface between homeowners and their homes, VOLANSYS is expecting to contribute into this area too.

An automated home is a perfect home and there are many aspects to it. We have started with taking part in the lighting system. There however, still a lot of scope to be scaled. Advanced home security systems, special systems for homes that have pets and kids, better homes that can be comfortable places for the older generation and a lot more! VOLANSYS will constantly take up the most important responsibility of enabling a better connection in all these use cases – Bhavin Shah.