VOLANSYS announces its Technology Partnership with Tatwah, supporting BLE Beacons into its HomeBridge®- Smart IoT Gateway

VOLANSYS announces its Technology Partnership with Tatwah, supporting BLE Beacons into its HomeBridge® – Smart IoT Gateway

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Santa Clara, Calif., January 24, 2019 – VOLANSYS – A leading end-to-end IoT solution enabler, has partnered with Tatwah. HomeBridge® – its smart IoT gateway is now compatible with Tatwah BLE beacons supporting iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon and proprietary protocols. This collaboration will enable system integrators to monitor and track the activities of their BLE beacons and analyze the data.

HomeBridge® is an affordable, secured, BLE 5.0 ready IoT gateway that supports monitoring of the latest generation of BLE beacons of different form factors, variants, embedding materials and functionalities designed by Tatwah. Beacons provide an extended battery lifetime, offer state of the art security features and supports BLE 5.0 and Quuppa Intelligent Location System. The gateway continuously scans BLE beacons and captures advertised data from beacons once they are within the range of a gateway. HomeBridge® supports leading IoT cloud platforms like AWS, Ayla, Evrythng and other proprietary clouds. Advertised data from BLE beacons are pushed to the cloud and then to mobile app. HomeBridge® is also available for re-branding.

“With this partnership in place, VOLANSYS is instrumental in providing BLE beacons leveraged end-to-end IoT solutions like Asset Tracking to clients. VOLANSYS is extending its product offering to enable solutions in industries like healthcare, asset tracking, people monitoring, inventory management, retail, logistics, etc.,” said Dhruvesh Patel, CTO, VOLANSYS.

VOLANSYS having strong product portfolio of consumer and industrial grade IoT gateways has been involved with clients ranging from fortune 500 to innovative startups helping them connect smart products over BLE, Wi-Fi, Zigbee®, Z-Wave, Thread, and other RF connectivity options.

“Tatwah pioneer in RFID since 1987, offers since 2017 a large product portfolio of BLE Beacons, providing on-the-shelf devices and customized beacon tags tailored to customer applications. With our innovative mindset, Tatwah is continuously investing in innovative BLE Beacon tag solutions enhancing product performances and adding Energy Harvesting features. The partnership enables customers to implement new, truly useful technology at an attractive cost and a short ROI”, said Egon Konopitzky, Senior Executive Vice President, Tatwah.


VOLANSYS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Silicon Valley-based product realization and digital transformation company. Since 2008, VOLANSYS has been powering enterprises worldwide to engineer smart connected products and applications at faster time-to-market and lower cost of ownership. With 50+ products implemented, 375+ employees and 9+ industry-standard reference platforms including Modular IoT Gateway and HomeBridge®, VOLANSYS is recognized as a leading end-to-end IoT solutions enabler. For more information about VOLANSYS solutions and services, please email us at [email protected].

About Tatwah

The company runs a horizontally integrated factory that provides everything from wafer processing, antenna technology, bonding, laminating, assembly, test, and certification. Tatwah’s 40,000 square-meter production facility, staffed with some 1,000 employees, has a capacity of more than 1 million pieces a day. Other finished products, beyond BLE Beacons, includes industrial and logistics products, printed or white cards (up to 800 kpcs per day), key fobs,  made-to-order badges, wristbands and a wide assortment of novelty items embedded with RFID and BLE capabilities. Through our design center based in Switzerland, the company addresses a broad range of applications, please visit https://tatwah.net/ or contact at https://tatwah.net/contact.