10th October Rocked Our Celebration Charts!

10th October Rocked Our Celebration Charts!

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The VOLANSYS family celebrated its 7th annual day with huge pomp and frolic. Music, food, fun – talk about it and there was an overflowing abundance of everything good.

The evening started at 6.30 pm with a glamorous fashion show, followed by skits, music performances, mimes, acts and dance shows. Dressed in typical kawali attire, graceful ladies and handsome men thronged the event, not to forget bubbly kids and toddlers. There were families around and an interaction with each other’s family members was memorable. It was a canopy of mirth, filled with smiles, giggles and laughter.

The best part about the entire event was that every single performance was a production of our staff members. No celebrity affair! And what was the need either? The enthusiasm with which people had participated and the efforts they had put into making each performance a complete entertainment formula was rather praise-worthy. Our people displayed such elaborately perfect performances; we did not feel any shortage of celebrity presence.

The event was concluded at around 11 pm, after a fantastic dining.

Our 7th annual day celebration was an affair that we would cherish in the years to come. We look forward eagerly to 10th Oct 2016, when we would enjoy another bash of energy, enthusiasm and happiness.