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Product Engineering

In today’s competitive business environment, the most critical and primary need of any organization is lower time-to-market and lower cost-to-market, without compromising quality. Companies are continuously challenged with evolving technologies, innovation cycles, product development re-engineering, manufacturing process optimization, and design costs. Our Product Engineering & Manufacturing team helps customers transform their vision into successful real-world products. Our product development strategies meet the evolving market demands while ensuring consumer choices, critical timelines, and budgets.

Our cutting-edge Product Engineering Services include intensive research and analysis to identify the appropriate technologies to achieve the best performance while incurring a minimum cost. We take a studied approach towards cost, performance, feature trade-offs and additional factors, to help companies surmount the challenges of delivering high-quality, timely product engineering services to the marketplace. 

We have the ability to take up design and development at any stage of the product development life cycle such as defining, designing, verifying or realizing the product. Before we start product development, we ensure that acceptance criteria have been very clearly arrived at. We diligently follow up with our customers until we are certain what the customer would deem acceptable to meet product requirements and expectations.

We believe that the basis for any business relationship is mutual trust. We have adopted the Agile Process in our product engineering model for faster design and development. Transparency with our customer is our key to success.

Our commitment towards product development with excellent quality is manifested by our strong Quality Engineering methodologies. We have put in place a comprehensive system of Quality Engineering processes at every step, from product definition to product realization.

We also help our customer transitioning the prototype to manufacturing and help customers with manufacturing services proving one stop for product engineering and manufacturing.

Product Engineering Services Offered

VOLANSYS equips you with a wide spectrum of product engineering services for converting your ideas into actual products. Our team helps you brainstorm your product development ideas and select the best-suited technologies and processes for turning concepts into reality. VOLANSYS helps in defining a comprehensive and complete product development plan.

Product Realization

Product Conceptualization
Product Feasibility Analysis
Product Design & Development
Product Validation
Product Pre-Certification
Product ID (Industrial Design)
Product Manufacturing
Product Enhancement/Re-engineering

System Engineering

System Development Services
System Integration
R & D Services
Migration & Porting
System Security
System Validation & Pre-Certification
System Quality Engineering
Customer Support

Hardware Engineering

Minimal Viable Product Development
Hardware Design
Reference Platform Development
Compliance Testing
Bill Of Material (BOM) Optimization
Hardware Production
Support & Sustenance

Embedded Software Engineering

BSP Development & Optimization
BSP/OS/Kernel/Application Porting
Device Driver Development
Firmware & Network Stack Development
Framework Development
Protocol Stack Development & Porting
Design Validation & Testing
Product Sustenance Engineering
Feature Enhancement & Support

Our Expertise in Embedded Software & Hardware Design

VOLANSYS Product Engineering Services

We have worked on Embedded CPUs and MCUs from NXP, TI, Marvell, Silicon Labs, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Microchip, Intel, ST Microelectronics, and many more. Our hardware design services spectrum includes multi-core multiprocessor hardware, small-form-factor boards, flex-rigid & flexible PCBs, reference platform design, low power wearable hardware and high-speed human display interface PCB design.

We possess extensive experience in user and kernel space development as shown in the diagram. Our core expertise includes Device and Network Driver Development, Power & Memory Management, Network Stack Modification, and Development. Our exposure to embedded software engineering includes BSP Development, Firmware Development, Display Subsystems, Sensor Management, Connectivity, Database Management, Process Management, Stack Development, System Integration, and Customization.

We have profound capabilities in developing various application frameworks for Security, Database Systems, Connectivity, Display/Graphics and Multimedia. Along with that, we are proficient in application design and development, user interface design and development and 3rd third-party application integration for with existing applications.


A Next Generation Portable & Connected Endoscopy Machine

A Smart Vehicle Management System

A Connected Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector for Smart Home

Industrial Smart System for Smart Rig for Oil and Gas Industry

An SDN SDK for Next Generation Line Card ASIC

4×4 802.11 A/B/G/N MIMO outdoor Access Point as well as CPE (Customer Premises Equipment)

360 Degree Connected Vehicle Safety Camera System

Product Development Life Cycle

  • Product Concept: Conceptualization of new product. Evaluate market opportunities, select best product idea and define product development strategy
  • Requirement Gathering & Feasibility Study: Gather the requirements of product and define requirement specification of hardware and software. Perform a feasibility study to prove the concept
  • System Architecture: Define a complete product’s system level architecture based on POC. Select the hardware and software development environment
  • Hardware Design: Part Selection, Schematic Design, Layout Design (Component Placement, Board Routing), Fabrication, BOM Optimization
  • Software Design & Development: Board bring up, firmware and software application design & development
  • ID Design: Designing appealing and user-friendly product aesthetics and UI/UX
  • Product Prototyping: Perform system integration – hardware & software integration. Build the complete system and develop the product prototype
  • Testing & Validation: Thorough testing of each and every module in the system
  • Product Pre-certification: Perform compliance testing and pre-certification of the product
  • Production Support: Producing/manufacturing the product in high volumes, Manufacturing Transition & Test Jig Development
  • Product Sustenance: Product maintenance & support
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