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At VOLANSYS, we believe that the human resource policies are for the benefit of the employees as you spend more than 50% of your day at the organization. We trust in tremendous power of human energy and believe that as a team “We can move mountains”. We offer you a Career and not just a job. We provide all possible opportunities to grow your career. We provide a work environment where innovative ideas can be realized quickly. The management is easily approachable to discuss the concerns. The management is always interested in solving the root cause of the problem so that the employees can concentrate on their core strength and the work. We help employees identify their core strength for an exponential growth. We follow a strong value system and ethics.

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Job Openings

Job Title Location Experience Positions
Project Manager Ahmedabad Not Specified 1
QA Engineer (Python) Ahmedabad 2-4 yrs 6
Senior Technical Lead - QA Ahmedabad 8-12 yrs 1
Front End Developer Ahmedabad 2-6 yrs 2
PHP Developer Ahmedabad 2-6 yrs 2
Graphics Designer Ahmedabad 1-4 yrs 1
UI/UX Designer Ahmedabad 1-6 yrs 2
Hardware Associate Engineer Ahmedabad Not Specified 1
Hardware Engineer Ahmedabad 2-4 yrs 4
Embedded Firmware Senior/Principal Engineer Pune 4-8 yrs 10
Jr. Embedded Firmware Engineer Ahmedabad Max 1 yrs 3
Embedded Engineer Ahmedabad 1-2 yrs 4
Sr. QA Engineer (Python) Ahmedabad 4-6 yrs 2
QA Ahmedabad Not Specified 10
Embedded Firmware Engineer Pune 2-4 yrs 15
Elixir/Phoenix Web/Ruby on Rails Ahmedabad 2-4 yrs 1
Embedded Firmware Senior Tech Lead Ahmedabad 8-12 yrs 1
Microcontroller Lead Ahmedabad 8-18 yrs 1
Devops Engineer Ahmedabad 2-11 yrs 3
Cloud Engineer (Full Stack Developer) Ahmedabad Max 10 yrs 12
QA Senior Engineer - Python Ahmedabad 4-6 yrs 2
Embedded Firmware Engineer_Microcontroller Ahmedabad Not Specified 2
Purchase Engineer Ahmedabad 2-4 yrs 1
QA Tech Lead (Embedded + Python) Ahmedabad Not Specified 2
QA Principal Engineer-Python Ahmedabad 5-8 yrs 1
QA Engineer - Python Ahmedabad 2-4 yrs 2
Tech Lead Embedded Firmware Ahmedabad 6-10 yrs 2
Microcontroller_Senior Engineer/Principal Embedded Firmware Engineer Ahmedabad 4-6 yrs 9
Linux BSP_Senior /Principal Embedded Firmware Engineer Ahmedabad 4-8 yrs 11
Embedded Firmware Engineer_Linux BSP Ahmedabad 2-4 yrs 16