Android Customization and Solutions
Android hardening and customization in Android framework components

Android Customization


VOLANSYS Android Customization team has expertise in Android Application Development covering android multimedia framework and driver development. Android, Google’s open source operating system is ruling the Smartphone market and has earned a strong foothold in the smartphone and tablet space. Today, Android is one of the most widely used operating systems worldwide, with over 700 million devices activated globally and over 1.3 million devices being added every single day.

What is Unique About Us?

VOLANSYS possesses unique expertise in the Android platform right from the lowermost layer to top level Application building. We have ported and optimized AOSP (Android Open Source Project) on various target platforms including virtual platforms. VOLANSYS is a preferred Android app development company offering scalable, cloud ready and cross-platform apps.

Let's Talk About Your Requirements

Android Hardening

Do you need to run Android with optimum performance on a small footprint device? We could help you with Android hardening by minimizing the Android file system for best possible performance while making target devices more secure.

Adding New Interfaces

Do you need to run Android on a device with a specific interface? We could help you with adding specific interface support in Android. If you have a legacy solution that now requires to be migrated to a NoSQL database due to increasing growth of the database, we can also help you manage & migrate the database to the NoSQL Cloud Database. We have extensive experience with migration in stages, where systems are live with modern and legacy databases co-existing.

Android Framework

We can help you in Android customization by modifying Android framework components as well as adding custom features for aesthetics, visual appeal, usability and optimal navigation. VOLANSYS has experience in Android hardening and minimizing the file system to perform well and to make target devices more secure. Additionally, we also do Android Application Development.

Technologies & Standards That Matter

  • Semiconductors: Marvell, Freescale, TI, Qualcomm, Broadcom, ARM
  • Interfaces: LCD, touch screen, USB, HDMI, GPIO, video & audio codecs, Memory
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS
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