Article Published on 1IT Enterprise Magazine

Article Published on 1IT Enterprise Magazine

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VOLANSYS: IP Leveraged IoT-based Company

Volansys CEO
Bhavin Shah, Founder & EVP Sales

VOLANSYS is Next Generation Digital Transformation, Product Realization and Data Sense Company, which acts as a ‘One stop solution enabler’ to realize your ideas into life. VOLANSYS has evolved into 250+ passionate curious engineers serving 50+ Customers all over the world and is gradually soaring in both facets. Their technical domain strengths, innovative approach, craving to do things differently and adherence to on-time delivery with uncompromised quality, make them a preferred choice for all technological needs. At VOLANSYS, they build a culture that rewards self-development and innovation. In all the aspects, their perspective is –Ecosystem of trust can be built in collaboration.

VOLANSYS helps enterprises, technology providers and start-ups build imaginary products in the domains such as Healthcare, Consumer Devices & Electronics, Automotive and Industrial IoT. VOLANSYS deliver consistent customer experience, business efficiency, and actionable insights by leveraging integrated set of leading technologies like Mobility, Cloud Computing, Unified Communication, Sensorization, Hyperscaling, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Perceptual Computing, Context-Awareness etc.

Bhavin Shah, Founder &EVP Sales at VOLANSYS, believe with the increase in demand of IoT and the notion of its second wave which brings along Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS) and IoT-based business models, their focus is aligned with the growing needs of industries. “We believe in building an ecosystem of trust in collaboration by creating a win-win situation for our customers as well as for our partners, which results in nurturing a deep-rooted relationship with them”, he said.

Internet of Things connect billions of everyday devices from fitness bands to industrial equipment opening up opportunities & challenges for consumers and enterprises. IoT market is bringing revolution across various industries and as a result of which innovations are happening everywhere. “We act as a ‘One stop solution provider’ for IoT giants. We are heavily focused on Wearables, Connected Apps, Context Awareness and Business Intelligence. Our services cover everything involved in Internet of Things including machine learning, sensor integration, microcontroller programming, gateway design & development, cloud enablement, BI & data visualization and analytics. Our development area includes sensor and edge devices, wired/wireless gateway devices, cloud development & integration and complete device testing ranging from sensors to clouds. Our unique expertise in IoT testing covers a diverse set of sensor testing, end device testing, embedded devices testing, the web, mobile & cloud application testing; we make use of cutting-edge tools and simulators to ensure successful execution” Bhavin Shah said.

VOLANSYS transform your extraordinary ideas into actionable insights and engineer your smart ideas into smart connected products. Their core strength lies in developing IPs for various requirement of IoT domains. Their offerings such as Product Engineering, Software Solutions, Cloud & Big Data, Enterprise Mobility, Quality Assurance and Business Analytics can help you in developing your next generation product.

Their major IoT-based services includes:

  • Sensors
  • Edge Devices
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Gateway Devices
  • Wearable Devices
  • Cloud Platform
  • IoT Device & Cloud QA
  • Data Analytics

VOLANSYS major focus is on upcoming next generation technologies revolving around Internet of Things. Market focus involves various consumer, enterprise and industrial market segments such as Wearable devices, Healthcare, Smart Homes, Smart Parking, Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Home Appliances and Automobile. Right now, they are a solutions & service based company and growing further, they plan to grow into a product based company which can design, develop & manufacture. VOLANSYS plan is to design &develop unique IoT-based solutions and people will be hearing about it sometime soon.

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