Techniques to Scale the Cloud Solution to 1M+ Devices

Techniques to Scale the Cloud Solution to 1M+ Devices

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In the age of ever connected world than before, enterprises are moving from traditional setup to cloud computing for their growing demands.Organizations require flexible, scalable, customizable and dynamic infrastructure for their businesses. High-scalability allows to optimize the system’s overall efficiency and save cost. Scalability is one of the prime features of cloud computing solutions and the reason why cloud computing has been so successful in the market and will keep flourishing. It is the ability of any cloud to adopt, manage and handle a large number of connected devices with efficiency to scale it further with reliability. Cloud solutions must have the capability to automatically support and scale up to ever increasing demands of connected devices and users for any business.

VOLANSYS provides scalable cloud architecture solutions to the customers, which can easily expand when more number of users and devices are on-boarded to cater the growth of the businesses. Let’s take a look at some of our cloud solutions delivered to multiple industry leaders.

A leading manufacturer of touchscreen displays, computers, signage components, and POS devices required to scale their cloud solution to support their growing business demand of 100K+ devices with 300K+ transactions per day. VOLANSYS worked with them to design a scalable architecture by implementing vertical scaling technique by modifying resources to enhance the server. Implementing this technique, VOLANSYS optimized the communication between cloud and connected devices and supported bulk operations from web portal to cloud services along with enhanced security to develop the ability to handle the bursts of traffic and heavy workloads. This helped our customer easily manage their business growth with 100K+ devices support.

A global leader in residential and commercial connected water heaters and HVAC systems was experiencing challenges to connect more devices in the field due to the inefficient and outdated use of cloud technology. VOLANSYS re-architected their existing solution by using advanced concepts of technology as an outcome of which customer’s cloud could handle 4X devices. VOLANSYS applied horizontal scaling technique to achieve scalability where number of EC2 instances in AWS cloud will increase/ decrease as per the load. The solution also included the migration of existing devices, resolving the problem of device dis-connectivity and simplified deployment process. Re-architected horizontal scaling solution helped the customer to handle up to 100K devices at the same cost.

An industry pioneer in security & surveillance solution providers who wanted to migrate acquired brand’s cloud solution with it sown solution and support both brand devices onto a single cloud. In order to cater to this business need, VOLANSYS team re-designed the client’s serverless cloud architecture (AWS Lambda microservices) using auto scaling technique where APIs can be scaled up to the limit where they could migrate the competitor’s devices in their own cloud summing up to 70K+ devices. Also, VOLANSYS provided the on-demand database connectivity calls instead of provisioned calls. The solution with auto scaling technique eventually helped client reduce the overall response time, improved reliability and saved cost.

VOLANSYS has the expertise to architect, re-architect and develop the scalable cloud solutions using monolithic and microservices architecture by leveraging services of leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Provider (GCP) which provides scalability, security, storage, and maintainability to any solution. VOLANSYS helps organizations build scalable and secure cloud solutions which eventually help their businesses grow and support devices to a larger extent without worrying about the cloud infrastructure.

Dhruvesh Soni

About the Author: Dhruvesh Soni

Dhruvesh is associated with VOLANSYS Technologies as Principle Engineer over 6 years. He has diversified experience of developing solutions for domains like Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and more across multiple industries bringing in value to our clients solutions.