Enhanced Virtual Reality platform for developing custom VR Applications

A leading open source Virtual Reality Platform provider for developers to create and deploy custom VR applications in gaming, healthcare, and education sector.

Monitor and track vehicles from your mobile with 360⁰ Surveillance

US-based automobile start-up providing security solutions in industries ranging from consumer to medical to industrial.

Controlling Home Devices at fingertips with SmartPlug for Smart Homes

US-based firm, founded in 1956 that designs, manufactures, and distributes a broad range of consumer electronics that are both innovative and high in quality.

Reduced medication errors with Intelligent Medical Device – Medicine Infusion Pump

US-based leading global biotechnology company focused on serving people with rare diseases for more than 30 years with their medication present in 100+ countries.

Connected Commercial Kitchen Appliances Solution

Leading Provider of commercial kitchen appliances such as timers, controllers, freezer monitors, grillers, fryers, baking appliances and more across 118 countries with 32 U.S and European patents on timers, control processes, communications and appliance networking software.

Control and Manage Air Freshener Products with a Mobile Application

A multinational consumer goods company serving customers in more than 150 countries.

Re-engineering and managing 500+ point of sale devices remotely

A North American OEM offering POS and digital signage solutions.

Engineering intelligent Asthma monitoring device with connected mobile application

US-based start-up and global innovator making wearable healthcare products for monitoring chronic respiratory diseases.

Sentiment Analysis to detect duplicate questions

One of the Largest Forum in Internet world and known for general question answer platform

Bank: Credit Card Fraud Detection

One of the largest bank having multiple branches in the North America.

Credit Card Sized WAN Gateway

Worldwide pioneer of software-defined cybersecurity solutions, is leading the paradigm shift away from fragmented and rigid security half-measures, toward a unified and adaptive security framework.

Open Source Platform to Develop Embedded Applications for IoT Devices

A leading open source scripting platform provider for embedded systems, and making connected devices evolve faster.

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