Connected Medical Devices and IoT Gateway for Health Monitoring Platform

Client Overview US-based health devices manufacturer for remote health and activity monitoring. It enables patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or on any medications to stay connected to health care provider and or their loved ones with an aim to monitor and improve health. Business Challenge The client wanted their health device data […]

Re-engineering and managing 500+ point of sale devices remotely

Client Overview  A North American OEM offering POS and digital signage solutions. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Manage sales and marketing devices (POS, digital signage, touch screen) applications remotely with: Remote device access for authorized users Content delivery through cloud-based centralized platform VOLANSYS SOLUTION Volansys delivered following: Embedded POS Devices: Android hardening and porting Cloud connectivity OTA devise […]

Engineering intelligent Asthma monitoring device with connected mobile application

Client Overview North America based start-up working on wearable asthma detection solution. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Compact and easily configurable asthma detection and monitoring device which can be easily wearable by the patient for real-time alerts on respiratory monitoring. VOLANSYS SOLUTION Volansys delivered asthma monitoring and management solution by engineering compact wearable device and connected mobile application […]

Control and Manage Air Freshener Products with a Mobile Application

Client Overview A multinational consumer goods company serving customers in more than 150 countries. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Control and monitor the operations of multiple fragrance products with mobile application (iOS) which can Connect product with mobile application via BLE Register and manage products information VOLANSYS SOLUTION Volansys helped a client to build an iOS mobile application […]

Automate Cooking Process with Cloud Connected Smart Grills

Client Overview A leading consumer appliance manufacturing company for a kitchen with continuous innovation for more than 30 years. The trend for an outdoor living took off with client positioned to capitalize on the demand for luxury outdoor kitchens. They were committed to elevating outdoor cooking to new levels. Business Challenge Controlling the cooking process […]

IoT Gateway and Mobile Application for Lighting and Controls Solution Provider

Client Overview A north America based leading lighting and controls manufacturer delivering technical solutions for all creative lighting requirements and desires since 1965. Business Challenge Enhance existing ZigBee-ready lighting product’s IoT capabilities by incorporating connections to other ZigBee/Thread based devices that could also be controlled remotely by the user via mobile apps & laptops. The […]

Windows 10 Based Universal App For Connected Home

In the arena of connected homes, it is incredibly important that homeowners be able to speak commands and are able to communicate verbally with their devices at home. Volansys had worked out a commendable connectivity solution and a voice-based command support system for a client dealing in connected home devices and appliances. AIM OF THE […]

Video Screen Warping

The customer had developed a gaming zone which provides gamer a full 360-degree view of the game. The standard off-the-shelf projectors are designed to be able to project to a flat surface. When the surface is not flat the projected image is geometrically distorted. As the game was to be projected in a cylindrical dome, […]

Validation Of Connected Health Sensors – Wearable Device

The client is a leading provider of digital health solutions to monitor patient’s activities. They have designed an IoT solution – includes a wearable gadget, mobile application & cloud application. The Objective of this product is to measure & monitor body’s vital health parameters like ECG, Heart rate, Physical activities, Body angles etc. This data […]

Validation & Software QE of IoT Platform

The project involved working with the client to enhance his cloud services using our QE and Validation Services. The client was and is still catering to a segment of businesses that regularly requires competent cloud functionality to confer the ‘smart’ attribute to their products. AIM OF THE PROJECT We basically aim at improving the client […]

USB-Ehci Driver For PXE Boot

The client is a supplier of BIOS software supplier. The client wanted to create a USB-based solution to install operating systems on the devices so that they can install/troubleshoot issues over the network. The device is used in PXE Boot ROM to install/deploy the operating system in various handheld devices from the Network server using […]

TMS – Tele Medicine System

The customer is a Medical Hospital Group. As a part of their using advanced technology to save the patient’s life, they wanted to develop a Tele-Medicine System to be used during the transit time of the ambulance. The system is a new concept to help doctors save the patient’s life by effectively using the transit […]

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