Application Virtualization and Desktop as Service Solution for Enterprises

Client Overview

US-based enterprise cloud platform provider that leverages web-scale engineering and consumer-grade design to natively converge compute, virtualization and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence

Business Challenge

Client wanted to develop a solution that allows users to work on traditional desktop applications from browser and cloud infrastructure.

  • Use the same software/app on any computer or device
  • Reduce costs of administration and maintenance of software across multiple computers and devices
  • Reduce infrastructure size and complexity

VOLANSYS Contribution

Developed an application virtualization and shared desktop delivery platform that empowers any Windows or Linux software/apps to run in a browser plugin, mobile app or web application where software/apps can be controlled from any device and anytime by enabling elastic, multi-tenant data centers.

  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Orchestration
    • Create and manage application delivery server(s) for cloud provider such as Google compute, AWS, Microsoft Azure
    • Support Windows server-desktop and Ubuntu LTS desktops.
    • Manage cloud servers from a single page in a web application through one-click operations with scheduled update and maintenance features
  • Cloud Applications Data Storage
    • Dropbox integration to store user’s data, files
    • Google Drive integration to mount the user’s directory and to protect privacy
  • Real-time Applications Streaming Using Secure Networking Protocols and Secure REST API Endpoints
  • Secure Multi-tenant User Management
    • Integration with Google and Microsoft active directory
    • Supports 10,000 or more users import into the cloud solution
  • Cloud Connected Admin Web Application
    • Publish or unpublish applications from desktops to a defined group of user’s Chrome browser, web, and mobile devices
  • Cloud-connected end-user applications
  • Real-time session management

Solution Architecture

VOLANSYS-Application Virtualization-Solution Architecture

Benefits Delivered

  • Agility for organizations to rapidly scale up/down resources depending on employee’s role-specific requirements
  • Easily integrate, consolidate, and deliver services and applications when and where are needed, without having to directly touch every endpoint Organizations can reduce capital expenditures, as well as operational costs, while at the same time streamlining IT maintenance and infrastructure management.
  • Reduced time to deploy application or desktop virtualization to ~ 30sec