BLE Tracker for Personal Belongings

Client Overview

Asia based company re-inventing home products, deriving meaningful and fool-proof solutions to problems using original design and precise engineering to significantly improve people’s standard of living.

Business Need

Client wanted to launch a solution to prevent and protect one’s personal belongings from being stolen or lost. The solution should be handheld and easy to use with following attributes:

  • Easily attachable to tiny belongings(keys, luggage, phone, wallet or any other)
  • Low cost with smallest possible hardware form factor
  • Easy to replace the battery by users without any help

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Designed and developed tracking device with BLE connectivity
    • Hardware 
      • Component selection and schematic design 
      • System Architecture and battery back-up finalization for small form factor design
      • Designing PCB RF Antenna for low cost solution
      • 2 layered PCB layout, prototyping, hardware bring-up and RF testing
    • Firmware
      • Develop low level drivers including Rx & Tx, ADC, SPI, I2C, UART, PWM
      • Firmware application development and testing
      • Optimized the battery current consumption by configuring BLE parameters in firmware without affecting the performance.
      • Board bring-up
  • Developed Android/iOS based smartphone application
    • Developed Android & iOS SDK for low level interfaces for BLE 
    • Build custom profile for BLE tracker for Android and iOS platforms
    • BLE APIs for the application development
  • Developed following device features and its support in firmware and mobile application
    • Identify last location of lost belongings through mobile application
    • Locate belongings by activating the buzzer (90 db) of the tracker device over BLE
  • Connectivity over 100 ft. distance range
    • Find phone by pressing button on tracker device that will buzz the phone
    • Click a selfie on the phone with tracker device.
    • Identify proximity of personal belongings attached to trackers
    • Send an alert if object leaves/enters BLE range

Technology | Expertise

BLE | Android | iOS | Product Engineering (Hardware, Firmware) | Mobility

Solution Architecture

BLE tracker new

Benefits Delivered

  • Faster time to market: developed entire solution just within 16 weeks
  • Improved battery life with optimized methods for BLE advertising intervals