AWS Cloud Based Car Inventory Monitoring System using BLE Tags/QR Code

Client Overview

US-based company having 150+ years of experience in surveillance for auto dealerships & other industries.

Business Need

  • The client was looking for a technology partner to build the advanced car surveillance solution for auto dealers to reduce the dependency on physical security and protect the asset inside/outside premises

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • AWS Cloud based monitoring solution to collect real-time car location details via a barcode/BLE scanning and sending to the cloud using AWS services like Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, CloudFormation, etc.
  • Features developed such as motion detection, location update, zone identification, geo-fencing for individual assets (cars)
  • Associate car key and maintain key location details using scanned BLE beacon data, QR code-based inventory intake
  • Integrated condition and schedule-based rule engine
  • Web app, Android and iOS based mobile app to scan barcode and nearby beacons
  • Plot the scanned car heat map to identify the right car location
  • Notification of car leaving premises apart from the predefined scheduled hours

Solution Diagram


Benefits Delivered

  • End customer is able save 60% on the physical security manpower cost
  • Customer can get real time notification of any unwanted incident and able to capture proof immediately
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