Design and Development of Web-Portal to Improve Onsite Assets Surveillance

Client Overview

US-based complete loss prevention company with 150+ years of combined experience in offering inventory surveillance for auto dealerships, scrap metal recycling, and other industries – 300+ clients, 100+ million square feet of property surveillance.

Business Challenge
  • The client wanted to expand its offering from traditional video surveillance to a more comprehensive solution with low-cost infrastructure with the aim to reduce the dependency on man-power
  • They wanted to design a web portal to manage multiple inventory surveillance systems and monitor the asset location with real-time data analytics
VOLANSYS Contribution
  • Cloud Web Solution and Features:
    • Design and development of Angular JS based web applications 
    • Serverless highly scalable and available architecture using AWS services
    • Added admin panel to manage different types of devices
    • Support for BLE based gateways and BLE beacon type of devices
    • Receive live mobile notifications for intrusion 
    • Real-time car location details collection and edit using scanned car barcode data
    • Motion detection, Location update, Zone Identification (Entry / Exit), Geo-fencing
    • Associate car key and maintain key location details using scanned key beacon data
    • Real-time visitor location data collection using scanned visitor beacon in Id-card
    • Maintain full car location history in zones
    • Import car inventory list from sales force
    • QR codes based inventory intake
    • Integrated condition and schedule based rule engine
  • Development of Connected Android & iOS mobile app:
    • Scan car barcode, nearby beacons via BLE with mobile app
    • Add details and plot scanned car
    • View heat map to identify car location on warehouse map
    • Receive notifications if a car leaves the showroom premises after working hours
    • Display nearby registered car locations map
    • Designed UI using React Native
  • Firmware Development:
    • Modification of Raspberry pi image to have SIP functionality
    • VOIP implementation for Barix
    • Set up ssh into Cassia and Raspberry pi for the Gray logger module
    • SFTP setup for incident media processing
  • Quality Engineering Services:
    • Manual testing and automation testing of cloud, mobile & web using Robot framework and Python
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Software Engineering | Cloud | Mobility | Quality Engineering | Automotive | AWS | Angular js

Solution Architecture

Design and Development of Web-Porta Diagram new

Benefits Delivered
  • Modular and scalable web portal to support multiple inventory surveillance use cases for different customers
  • Advanced-data storage and compression to reduce cloud resource utilization and minimum cloud infrastructure cost
  • Real-time system generating alert and notifications to improve onsite security remotely to reduce dependency on physical manpower
  • Helped with core architecture solutions to track various assets/devices/cars which can be re-used based on future tracking requirement
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