Designing the Gateway of the Leak Detection Sensor and Mass Manufacturing Support

Client Overview

US-based leading manufacturer of plumbing products and accessories, including leak detector that helps analyze water flow, its usage and provides 24/7 protection with alerts on the mobile application.

Business Challenge

The existing gateway of leak detection sensor was not performing well thus need to re-design water mitigation solution with better aesthetic design:

  • Complete home water monitoring
    • Monitor the home 24/7 for water leaks and temperature changes
  • Leak detection
    • Detect both leaking water and dropping temperatures from sensors
  • Water damage protection
    • Avoid water damage
    • Alert the system to automatically shut off the water supply if a leak is detected
    • Remotely control main water valve
VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS helped the client in designing their existing gateway of home water leak detection system and provided support in the overall solution:

  • Customized HomeBridge Gateway with a new Mechanical Enclosure
    • IP40 enclosure design and conceptual sketches
    • 3D CAD design and 2D detailed drawing
    • 3D prototyping in DFM and SLA for form-factor validation and field testing
    • Designed complex mold with multiple sliders
    • Mold tooling ready with T-final samples  within the 8-week time
    • Vibration and drop testing on the enclosure as per shipment standard
    • Silk screen printing process for logo and FCC ID text printing
    • Translucent light pipe for logo illume with different colors
    • White color enclosure
    • No shrink or gate mark visible at single places
    • Defined cosmetic inspection criteria to get 0% rejection on product final assembly line
    • Provided mold maintenance
    • Worked with client on new ID design for a tabletop
    • Battery operated
    • Low power Zigbee to Wi-Fi gateway
    • Communicates with multiple sensors, valves and users
  • Production and mass manufacturing support > 10K units
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Mechanical Design Engineering | Manufacturing | Product Engineering | Embedded Engineering

Application Diagram

Smart Leak Detection

Benefits Delivered
  • Improved aesthetic design with logo illuminations and reduced form-factor by 25%
  • Handled mold complexity with multiple sliders for the bottom part to make ease of overall product assembly
  • Efficient Ayla enabled Gateway solution delivered –  target price in $higher 20s
  • Rapid roll-out of first production with support for volume up to ~10K
  • Improved product performance by reducing time to detect and stop water leaks to less than 5 seconds
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