Developed a Highly Secured and Universal Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Solution

Client Overview

The client is a US-based industry leader in IT security and authentication technology. They provide innovative, scalable and cost-effective cloud-based multi-factor authentication solutions to protect thousands of customers worldwide.

Business Challenge

The client has a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution developed to provide IT security to users in an organization. However, the current application hosted on a legacy platform has scalability and performance bottlenecks, opening up to a range of potential security, technical and operational challenges.

VOLANSYS Contribution

The client wanted to migrate their legacy multi-factor authentication solution to the core .NET technology to support every possible platform, including but not limited to Linux, Windows, etc. environment to offer more advanced solutions to their customers. They also required a concrete test plan to resolve issues and bugs and maximize the performance of both a web application and mobile application. The client considered VOLANSYS as a technology solutions provider to help re-architect legacy applications and provide the below-mentioned solutions:

  • Software Engineering
    • Worked on new Core .Net code on new MFA server
    • Implemented container-based solution to make it compatible with any platform 
    • Made new MFA server compatible and implemented all legacy features
    • Created extensive GUI for new MFA server
  • Quality Engineering
    • Tested end-to-end web application
    • Tested mobile and web app synchronization and flow
    • Identified issues and reported them to the client
    • Wrote 200 complete test cases for regression testing of web and windows application
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Software Engineering | Quality Engineering | MSSQL | Core.Net | iOS | Android

Application Diagram

Multi-factor Authentication Diagram

Benefits Delivered
  • The advanced solution can run on multiple platforms like Linux, Windows, etc. without any conflict
  • Created a new API with unique endpoints to enhance the security of the solution and safeguard end-users from cyber attacks
  • Reduced regression testing time of 5-7 days before each release by automating more than 200 test cases
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