Developed web application to generate automated
revenue reports from Salesforce

Client Overview

US based technology company providing new-age engineering services and solutions across multiple domains like IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud, Mobility, DevOps, and more.

Business Challenge

The client has a large customer base, handled by multiple sales managers across different countries. All the sales managers use Salesforce to maintain the data of their projects. Like any other company, the VP of sales as well as the leadership team needs to monitor the progress of new potentials, purchase orders, invoicing and revenue at defined intervals – weekly, monthly and quarterly. Due to the nature of the business and internal processes, the tracking of revenue needs to be tightly coupled with each potential. This was done manually and the client wanted a solution that would automate the revenue report generation and save the sales manager’s time allowing them to focus on sales.

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS helped the client, by designing a web-based portal that can extract data from Salesforce and generate required reports in Google sheets. The front-end of the application is developed in Angular and backend in Node.js. We helped them generate automated reports to track actual PO and revenue against the targets as well as project the forecasts.

  • Developed web application (automation tool) using the advance front end solution such as Angular, scalable back end server using Node.js, NoSQL database – MongoDB, Data integration with Salesforce, and automated export to google sheets
  • Reports can be generated by following below steps:
    • Authenticating automation tool with sales force using Salesforce SDK, login to automation portal using Google OAuth2 authentication, and fetch OAuth2 token for the user
    • Request generated from web portal to back end server for POActual, PO forecast, and monthly revenue projection by the user on providing input like salesperson, fiscal year, and month range
    • Back-end server fetches the potential project, accrued and to be accrued potential projects from Salesforce using the same Salesforce token (based on status like closed won, proposal sent, and in discussion stage potentials). It also fetches and processes the domain wise revenue sheet having domain wise projection for each potential
    • Further, it processes the data on the server and prepares actual accrued PO, forecasting PO, month wise as well as revenues for domain, month, and individual sales person
    • Hit Google Spreadsheet API (Google SDK) with the same Google OAuth2 token to update the data into spreadsheet
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Angular| Node.js | Salesforce | MongoDB | Google SDK | Software Engineering

Application Diagram

VOLANSYS-Salesforce Automation

Salesforce Automation

Benefits Delivered
  • Automated revenue report generation, reducing sales team’s time and efforts 
  • Reduced chances of human errors in reports
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