Development of Next Generation Mobile Powered Portable Systems for Warehouses

Client Overview

US-based Technology Company providing workplace mobility solutions to the retail and operations industry. They believe in improving employee and facility productivity without any major changes to infrastructure, software or process updates.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to increase its market reach by developing a complete mobile-based portable solution for their end customers to capture the outline of non-productive motion which costing the business and also estimating the annual saving after eliminating the non-productive motion.

VOLANSYS Contribution
  • Designed and developed a BLE based tracking device attached with battery, system, and printer to check the current status
  • Hardware Engineering
    • Component selection and schematic design 
    • System architecture and battery back-up finalization for small form factor design
    • Designing a PCB RF Antenna for a low-cost solution
    • 2 layered PCB layout, prototyping, hardware bring-up, and RF testing
  • Firmware Engineering
    • Developed low-level drivers including Rx &Tx, ADC, SPI, I2C, UART, PWM
    • Firmware application development and testing
    • Optimized the battery current consumption by configuring BLE parameters in the firmware without affecting the performance
    • Board bring-up
  • Developed Android and iOS-based connected application
    • Android and iOS SDK development for BLE low-level interfaces 
    • Build a custom profile for BLE tracker
    • BLE APIs for the application development
    • Onboarding of system, printer, battery percentage, and status check device
  • Developed the following device features and its support in firmware and mobile application
    • Identify the last location of trolley through a mobile application
    • Locate trolley by activating the buzzer (90 dB) of the tracker device over BLE
    • Control system and check its status
    • Get print job status on mobile via Wi-Fi
    • Get battery status update on mobile with alerts for low battery, fault or status update
  • Connectivity over 100 ft. distance range
    • Find phone by pressing the button on tracker device that buzzes the phone
    • Identify the proximity of personal belongings attached to trackers
    • Send an alert if object leaves/enters BLE range
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Embedded Engineering | Hardware Engineering | Mobility | Quality Engineering | BLE | Wi-Fi

Solution Architecture
Development of Next Generation
Benefits Delivered
  • Enabled client in increasing market reach by delivering a complete solution for operational efficiency in warehouses, retail companies
  • VOLANSYS as a single stop solution enable end-to-end engineering support from embedded hardware to firmware, mobile, and QE, reducing hassle of multi-vendor support
  • Instant access to trolley status (system, printer, and battery) via mobile application to get real-time update
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