Wi-Fi and BLE Based Connected Mobile Application Solution for Tracking

Client Overview

US-based technology company providing connected workplace mobility solutions to the retail and operations industry.

Business Need

  • The client wanted to develop a connected mobile application that can manage their smart portable solution remotely and reduce the overall efforts and cost captured in business

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Developed an Android-based connected mobile application to capture the overall time of warehouse operation
  • Mechanism to identify the proximity of assets attached with BLE Tracker
  • Android SDK development for BLE low-level interfaces
  • Integration of BLE to track battery status and alerts of battery replacement
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with the portable workplace solution to upload real-time data on cloud
  • OTA management for on-field updates from cloud-side
  • Live alerts and notification on cloud & mobile app for all the configurable events
  • Event detection and reporting to mobile application in less than 5 Sec
  • Designed UI/UX with a feature set & share the report as PDF via email

Solution Diagram

Benefits Delivered

  • Expanded market reach of the client by enabling them to upsell their complete solution which reduces their end-customer efforts and overall business cost
  • Real-time alerts and updates functionality in the solution helped the user to complete their activities quickly
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