Enabled cloud connectivity to water heaters/boilers with CTA2045
compliant Wi-Fi bridge

Client Overview

US based leading manufacturer of reliable and energy efficient water heating products.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to enter and expand its business in the IoT market by providing connected products to their users. They wanted to offer a solution that requires no updates in their existing products (heaters/boilers), but connects them to the cloud and delivers a personalized user experience via mobile applications. For the same, client required a technology partner who can help them execute the solution design. Also, the solution should be compatible with the CTA2045 standard for Demand-Response system regularized in the US.

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS helped the client to enter the IoT market with connected products by designing and developing CTA2045 compliant Wi-Fi bridge, involving our hardware and firmware engineering services. The design complied to FCC, IC, UL certifications. This bridge enabled client’s existing non-connected products to connect to the cloud with zero modifications in existing products. We also developed a connected mobile application to control and monitor the heater/boiler devices.

  • Hardware Engineering
    • Designed and developed ESP32 SoC based, CTA-2045-A compliant ModBUS-Wi-Fi Bridge with micro SATA ports, WPA2 security to connect heaters/boilers to cloud over wired and wireless interfaces
    • Component placement, PCB layout, PCB fabrication, assembly and board bring-up
    • Designed and developed IP51 compliant enclosure
  • Embedded Engineering
    • Designed and developed firmware to communicate with cloud and CTA 2045 DC module
    • Modbus communication with Heaters/Boilers
    • SPI driver implementation/modifications
    • OTA and schedule, device on-boarding on cloud
    • Firmware bring-up and application porting
  • Developed Android & iOS mobile app using cloud provider’s SDK
    • Designed and developed mobile application to communicate with cloud for controlling and monitoring of the heaters/ boilers
    • Added support for Wi-Fi provisioning over BLE
    • Allowed contractors to log services over BLE
    • Customer controlled device shares for privacy
    • Enabled streaming and downloading of installation videos for offline view
  • System integration and end-to-end validation
    • Manual functional and integration testing
    • Reliability testing (MTBF calculations)
    • FCC, IC, UL pre-compliance & certification
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

ESP32 | CTA-2045-A | ModBUS | SPI | OTA | Application Porting | FCC | IC | UL | Product Engineering – Hardware, Firmware | Mobility | Certification | Testing

Application Diagram

Enabled cloud connectivity to water heaters diagram

Benefits Delivered
  • Allowed client’s end-customer to make their conventional heaters/boilers smart with just the add-on bridge
  • Enhanced user experience by adding video feature in the application for installation process
  • Delivered the solution with zero updates in client’s existing products
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