End-to-end Solution Testing with Field
Trials for Automotive Wheel Management System

Client Overview

US based technology start-up delivering innovative solutions for commercial vehicles that improves vehicle safety, efficiency and connectivity with fleet operators.

Business Challenge

With evolving requirements of the end-customer over new product design (automotive wheel management system) under hardware and software, it was difficult for the client to manage stable product release ensuring high quality performance and thorough testing along with field trials executed. In addition to this, client being a start-up it was challenging for them to create appropriate test lab and environment set up to perform testing and trials before production deployment that resulted in delayed launch timelines.

To address the challenge, client was looking for a Quality Engineering partner who can help them with end-to-end solution testing including gateways, sensors, and cloud based web portal along with required field trials.

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS conducted thorough product testing using multi-stage validation approach, lab testing, and on-field trials to help the client launch stable
and error-free solution.

  • Multi-stage validation
    • Stage 1: Embedded device verification
      • Manually validated embedded device to ensure that the action received from the Gateway is reflected on the embedded device
    • Stage 2: Smart gateway device verification
      • Performed log verification to ensure communication between the gateway – sensors and gateway – cloud
    • Stage 3: Cloud portal verification
      • Validated the logs of IoT Cloud to ensure that the changes made by gateway device are reflected in database and displayed on web portal
    • Stage 4: Android application verification
      • Manually tested mobile application by running 150+ test cases with gateway
  • Conducted lab, field and on-site testing by executing 1500+ test cases to test following system features and monitor data of sensors for analysis
    and improvement

    • Power management
    • Route history monitoring
    • LED status monitoring on daughter board, system wakeup via door sensor
    • Firmware upgrade OTA
    • Connectivity check for cloud communication – LTE, Wi-Fi
    • Reports and graph
    • Cloud dashboard
    • Alerts
    • Camera, BLE & Zigbee sensors functionality (for image capture, temperature and pressure)
    • Inflation – deflation
  • Functional Testing
    • Unit
    • Sanity (Build Acceptance Testing)
    • Integration
    • System
    • Regression
  • Non-functional Testing
    • Performance
    • Load
    • Usability
    • UI/UX
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Multi-stage Validation | End-to-end Product Testing | Functional Testing | Non-functional Testing

Solution Architecture

End-to-end Solution Testing Diagram

Benefits Delivered
  • Helped stabilize the client’s product (99% and aiming till 100%) enabling faster implementation of new features with ensured quality assurance and on-time release to production
  • Achieved Quality Test Effectiveness as high as 96% with offshore test lab setup ensuring performance in multiple test scenarios and field trials
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