Engineering wearable IoT device with connected mobile application for
asthma monitoring

Client Overview

US-based start-up and global innovator making wearable healthcare products for monitoring chronic respiratory diseases.

Business Challenge

Compact and easily configurable asthma detection and monitoring device which can be easily worn by the patient for real-time alerts on respiratory monitoring.

  • Wearable Asthma detection and monitoring device
    • Store the monitored data; on-site and remote access to the data by doctors
    • Communicate health ratings to connected mobile application over BLE and to cloud over Wi-Fi
  • Connected Mobile Application
    • Android/iOS based application
    • Send notification to doctors/parents on severe condition detection
  • Web application
    • User-friendly Web GUI for data monitoring and analysis
    • Support to customize/tune configurable parameters

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS delivered the asthma monitoring and management solution by engineering a compact wearable device and connected mobile application with
the following features:

  • Hardware Engineering
    • Hardware architecture design and prototype development
      • PCB design and development using NXP and MediaTek based MPU/MCU
      • Schematic design and layout – place and route
      • Thermal, SI and timing analysis
      • Board bring-up
    • Sensors and Interfaces
      • Integrated the sensors using a sensor hub that is low power consuming and built for wearable devices
      • 3 microphones, 9-DOF (Accelerometer, Gyroscope Magnetometer sensor and Temperature sensor)
    • Prototype fabrication
  • Quality Engineering 
      • End-to-end testing
        • Device testing
          • Performance/Functional/Usability Testing
          • Power Management Testing
        • Connectivity testing
          • BLE communication testing between a device and mobile application
          • Wi-Fi interface testing
        • EMI/EMC and RF pre-compliance testing
      • Mobile application testing (Android and iOS platform)
        • Manual testing – unit and functional testing
        • Test cases for different modules (Excel Based)
      • Web portal testing
        • Manual testing – unit and functional testing
        • HIPPA compliant data storage
      • Load and stress testing
        • Keeping the device in overnight testing
  • Embedded Software Development
    • Application development
      • Sensor HUB application
      • Sensors integration with pre-filtering event detector algorithm running on ARM® Cortex® core
      • Linux application running main algorithm upon wake up by ARM® Cortex® core
    • Peripheral drivers
      • Modification/implementation
      • RTC clock: AM0805, eSIM, DC motor driver: DRV8601, audio codec – ADAU7002
    • Design and implementation of the bootloaders for firmware/configuration upgrade
  • Mobile Application Development 
    • OS Support – Android & iOS
      • Cross-platform (Ionic) development
    • Re-usable and scalable architecture to manage API calls
    • Multiple wireless connectivity
      • Application supports BLE connectivity with the RSM device
      • IONIC native BLE application development
    • RSM device provisioning (Wi-Fi) using BLE 
  • Cloud-based Web Portal Application Development 
    • Cloud software architecture
      • Requirement analysis
      • Front end with Angular2, REST APIs using node.js and cloud database using CouchDB
    • Web application development
      • Fully responsive UI/UX design, software development, secure REST API
    • Advanced security
      • Https based connection with a proprietary cloud over Wi-Fi and BLE custom profile for mobile application

Benefits Delivered

  • Detecting asthma attacks and patterns helps doctors to provide immediate and comprehensive treatment
  • Optimized power management with 50% extended battery life
  • Faster go-to-market with VOLANSYS as one-stop solution provider for diversified engineering services under one roof