High Energy Ignition System Enhancement

Client Overview

US-based leading innovator of high energy ignition and flame detection technology products widely used in power generation, utility, petrochemical, industrial, marine, and green environment industries. The company has built flame detection products using process-intensive technology that can detect flame from fossil fuels.

Business Challenge

The client has old products with proven design which was required to undergo reverse engineering to recover hardware source files without any change to actual products. It was very critical to leverage this proven technology while coming up with feature enhancements, Due to the lack of an in-house skill set to perform such work client was looking for a partner with a proven track record.

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS has performed reverse engineering on the high energy ignition solution and redesigned using the Eagle tool. There are 3 smart devices and each product variant contains 2 boards, so a total of six boards that will undergo reverse engineering. The nature of the product demanded that reverse-engineered source files generate the exact same outcome with zero variance in track sizes, pitch, or component footprints. This entire scope will enable clients to do any future modifications/updates to these products with ease. 

  • Prepared designed document  including schematics, Gerbers, and BOM 
  • Prepared schematics for all 3 smart devices
    • Schematic library in Eagle
    • Schematic design entry in Eagle
    • BOM creation
    • Schematic review and update
  • PCB Layout and Gerber release
    • PCB Footprint library creation in Eagle
    • Component placement and routing
    • Layout review
    • Gerber release
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Hardware Engineering

Application Diagram


Reverse Engineering Process

Benefits Delivered
  • Expert resource has delivered work in 2 weeks saving half of the estimated time & cost proposed by existing vendor
  • Helped client with the source file which removed the dependency and expenses of creating completely new designs for any future upgrades in the product
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