Innovative Voice Health Monitoring Wearable Device Development

Client Overview

A USA based startup company developing new technologies for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of voice disorders and bring these innovative solutions to patients with voice problems, providers who care for them, and voice professionals.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to develop a medical wearable device to diagnose the user’s voice health to detect alarming situations. Being a  startup, the customer was looking for a technology partner who can help them to define explicit & implicit requirements of the product and develop firmware for their smart wearable voice health device to realize the idea into reality.

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS played a key role in developing firmware for an innovative wearable device that monitors voice health to identify initial signs of voice-use related disorders by alerting the user or voice clinician to identify the higher risk of voice disorder at the early stage (e.g., causing trauma to vocal cord tissue). The system consists of a BLE enabled sensor device, mobile application, and cloud services for the user interface.

  • Understanding of high level of requirement, helped the customer to define its implicit requirements
  • Defined each requirement/use case in behavior model language
  • Feasibility study and validation for below:
    • Memory footprint requirement for sensor application and voice processing algorithm – This helped to conclude the target hardware platform
    • Power budget analysis
    • Storage capacity analysis
    • BLE throughput measurement
  • Embedded firmware of BLE enabled sensor device
    • Provided RTOS based architecture and detailed design
    • Data collection at high sample rates from sensors, like accelerometer (4 kHz) and microphone (16 kHz)
    • Real-time BLE data transmission (> 10kBps)
    • Power optimization
    • Developed APIs for self-test mechanism of the device
    • A feature to help the patient to make sure that the sensor has been placed appropriately for better results
    • Online & offline mode support, offline mode data will be stored in onboard memory for future analytics
    • Secure BLE connection with mobile phone
    • Development on evaluation boards and migrated to customized boards
  • Unit testing
    • Defined test scenarios in behavioral language and validated through manual unit testing
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Embedded Engineering | BLE

Application Diagram

Innovative Voice Health Monitoring Wearable Device diagram

Benefits Delivered
  • VOLANSYS delivered firmware architecture, robust design and development plan considering customer’s immediate deployment plan to launch one of its kind devices in the market
  • Provided high throughput BLE firmware design for audio or accelerometer data event after taking care of  the low power requirements of the wearable product
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