Integration of Smart Secure Digital Identity Solution with CENTAURI 200 &
IoTify Platform

Client Overview

For a US-based technology company, developing an innovative solution of digital identity that transforms how people can access and experience the world around them. Their mission is to digitize the identity of individuals and make it universally accessible, secure, and private.

Business Challenge

The client has developed a unique identity signal solution that holds a secure digital identity, which enables frictionless access to buildings, offices, and more. They were looking for a customized enterprise and industrial gateway and cloud solution which has the capability to get integrated with the solution.

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS helped the client with the ready-to-use CENTAURI 200 & IoTify platform. The gateway and cloud solution is customized and integrated with the client’s digital identity solution. The solution has the power to shape responsive environments to the presence and preferences.

  • Integrated CENTAURI 200 IoT Gateway:
    • Finalized the requirement, detailed study, and software architecture
    • Enabled Node packages to develop the use cases on Node 
    • Enable 802.1x authentication over the ethernet network
    • Provided custom OTA update
    • Deployed IoTify Android and iOS app for instant messaging and push notifications through a gateway
    • Enabled C SDK interface to access API from Node JS
    • Enabled Noble for BLE based application
    • Improved BLE PHY layer parameter for BLE range increase 
  • Integrated IoTify Cloud with digital identity solution:
    • VOLANSYS integrated IoTify cloud solution and added features and functionalities
    • Gateway management/Gateway health monitoring functionality to manage the user health and data via the cloud
    • User management functionality to manage different level of user roles and rights like master admin, admin, operator, and viewers to manage different OEM users
    • OTA management for on-field updates for gateway and connected devices from cloud-side
    • Live alerts and notification on cloud & mobile app as well for all the configurable events
    • Live debugging and push notification functionality
    • Gateway association/disassociation from cloud
    • Deployed IoTify cloud & app for Client instance of the cloud
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Centauri 200 IoT Gateway | IoTify | Mobility | Cloud Services

Application Diagram


Benefits Delivered
  • Accelerated the product launch timeline by 60% by enabling the client to leverage VOLANSYS’ proven and ready-to-use CENTAURI 200 IoT Gateway, IoTify Cloud Platform, and IoTify Mobile Application
  • Expanded market reach by acquiring new customers with the help of newly launched technology-driven BLE based solution in digital identity tracking applications
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