Customized Cloud based IoT Platform and Gateway for Lighting and Controls Solutions Provider

Client Overview

Leading lighting and controls manufacturer delivering technical solutions for all creative lighting requirements and desires since 1965

Business Challenge

Enhance existing ZigBee-ready lighting product’s IoT capabilities by incorporating connections to other ZigBee/Thread based devices that could also be controlled remotely by the user via mobile apps & laptops. The client wanted to build an end-to-end commercial ready IoT solution which will enable IoT in the home, office buildings, schools or any other building that has or is upgrading to LED fixtures like panel lighting.

VOLANSYS Contribution

VOLANSYS helped the client to implement a complete IoT solution that can control and monitor multiple ZigBee-ready devices such as lighting appliances, sensors, switches, remote and more. The solution has following key components along with its features:

  • Customized IoT Gateway for Smart Lighting and Control Devices
    • Built using VOLANSYS Modular IoT gateway as a reference platform
    • Commission and Control up to 200 devices in a setup with maximum delay of 2 seconds per operation from gateway to device where the device is directly connected with the gateway
    • Secure connectivity to Custom IoT Platform
    • Secure REST APIs to allow future Cloud Platform Integrations
    • Support for Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates of end devices
    • Hardware Specifications:
      • Processor:ARM® Cortex®-A7 based i.MX6UL Ultralite
      • Power Management: Battery backup of at least 4 hours
      • Commissioning: NFC, Mannual
      • RF (Radio) Connectivity:Thread, ZigBee, LoRaWAN & SigFox
      • Wireless Connectivity:BLE, WiFi, 3G (external)
      • IoT Protocols:MQTT, CoAP
      • Standards & Compliance:mikroBUS™ compatibility, FCC/CE Compliance
  • Cloud based IoT Platform for Smart Lighting
    • A simple & intuitive UI with login for the user and administrator level access
    • Show/create multiple floor plan
    • Add Devices and Update floor plan – Adds up to 200 devices
    • Device Commissioning, monitor and control of multiple devices for multiple sites to do following operations:
      • Panel lights (0 to 10V, dimming signal): Control on, off and brightness
      • Motion sensor: Get motion information
      • Light sensor: Get on/off information for light
      • Door sensor: Get open/close information for door
      • Wall Switch: Control on, off and brightness
      • Wireless Dimmer/Relay: Control on, off and brightness
      • Zigbee Touch Remote: Control on, off, color, brightness, and rules
    • Rules Engine Setup with Alarms
    • Dashboard for analyzing energy consumption
    • Remote OTA support for End Devices

Benefits Delivered

  • Reduced time -to-market
    • By using our modular IoT gateway reference platform
  • Enabled new revenue stream
    • By enhancing existing IoT capabilities for lighting appliances
  • Low Total cost of ownership
    • Optimal Hardware Configurations
    • Offshore Development