Mesh Wi-Fi Router System, Cloud and Mobile App Development

Client Overview

A Fortune 500 company in connected home and security with a product range including smart smoke detectors, smart Wi-Fi routers, smart safes, cookware, food storage, etc.

Business Challenge
  • Retain and hold-on trust/interest of existing consumers by managing 60K+ on-field devices of a company acquired by the client and to come up with a new-age upgraded and stable Wi-Fi mesh device that eliminates Wi-Fi deadzone issues
  • Multiple (new and old) product support on a single cloud and linking it with client’s second cloud platform to enable cloud to cloud communication
VOLANSYS Contribution

Reliable cloud design and development using TDD (Test Driven Development)

  • Built new features API and deployed on cloud:
    • Reverse SSH tunneling from cloud to device
    • Topology visualization
    • Screen takeover (emergency override)
    • Device on-boarding
    • Customer support remote debugging and analytics
    • Domain restriction with ZveloDb integration in cloud
    • Network setup/alerts/sharing, time limit, pause internet
    • Policy configuration for optimized usage of Wi-Fi
    • Unified authentication (centralized user between multi-cloud)
    • OTA upgrade support and analytics
    • Command center for recurring device logs
  • Manufacturing process support to securely register device on cloud
  • Added local language support (English, French, Spanish)
  • Multiple hardware platform support with backward compatibility for old devices
  • Converted cloud architecture from Monolithic to Microservices based
  • Developed Android & iOS mobile app for controlling router devices supporting all new features

Designed and developed mesh Wi-Fi router firmware

  • Multi-radio triband support (802.11 b/g/n/ac)
  • Mesh algorithm for backhaul and AP selection, mesh formation, recovery and optimization
  • Quality of service (QoS) implementation
  • Cloud interaction, device onboarding and remote AP management
  • Implemented content filtering, parental control, screen takeover, advance network configuration
  • Supported OTA, BLE & Wi-Fi debugging
  • Auto channel selection and LED control

Performed unit, integrated, functional and applause testing (50 real home deployments)

Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Cloud Design and Development | Embedded Firmware Development | Mobile App Development | Quality Engineering

Solution Architecture
VOLANSYS-Mesh Wi-Fi Router System
Benefits Delivered
  • 60K+ legacy and new devices support on the same cloud, yielding simplicity in device management to consumers and device support to client’s support team
  • Single stop solution from device to cloud to mobile development and end customer support with ODC (Off-shore Development Center) model, enhancing client’s operational efficiency