One stop solution for next-generation home security and automation solution development

Client Overview

US based consultancy firm with core focus on consumer technology, consumer IoT and consumer goods, helping companies to grow and strengthen their businesses. It provides consultancy for strategic planning, business development, product development, implementation, engineering, and more.

Business Challenge

Being a consultant for IoT solution development cycle, the client had to design an end-to-end security and home automation solution for one of their end-customers. For the same, the client was looking for a technology partner that can work collaboratively with them on long term technology plans as an extended team and help develop their end-customer’s solution at a faster time.

VOLANSYS Contribution

The client’s home automation solution involves an IoT hub with wired and wireless sensors, a touch-screen keypad, mobile applications, and web applications. VOLANSYS developed the firmware for the IoT hub and keypad, designed iOS installer application, Android and iOS client application,  cloud application, and dashboard. We also executed end-to-end validation and testing for the overall system. The hardware for the hub and keypad were selected by the client.

  • Firmware
    • Established communication between Hub and Keypad over DECT ULE wireless protocol
    • integrated the 345Mhz sensor application,  Z-Wave application and the RS-485 wire protocol application to manage respective  end devices
    • Integration of the MQTT cloud agent using the AWS IoT SDK which can communicate to AWS cloud using Publisher-Subscriber model
    • Designed and developed the switching mechanism between Ethernet connectivity and LTE whenever Hub lost or recover internet connection with Ethernet
    • Designed and developed the Local mode when Hub is disconnected from internet connectivity. Hub should be able to communicate with the client application in local LAN mode
    • Developed the HTTP web server for using the Wi-Fi in Access Point mode while connecting the installer application
  • Mobile application
    • Designed UI-UX wireframes for the device and keypad application
    • Developed Android and iOS mobile applications that supports the functionality of secure access to HUB and in turn to sensor devices
    • Integrated with the DECT ULE library to receive and send data to/from Hub
  • Cloud application
    • Designed UI-UX wireframes for four dashboard portals (customer portal, customer care portal, central station portal, and executive management portal)
    • AWS cloud development to monitor, control and manage the entire home security system
    • Provided secure Restful Endpoints for data processing and operations
    • Providing historical data to Administrative Web Portal on-demand (to generate reports & charts for analytics, troubleshooting, system tuning, etc.)
    • Web portal and Mobile app integration with cloud
    • Development of CRON scheduling feature in Cloud
  • End-to-end Validation and Testing
    • Defined system-level test strategy, test setup requirements
    • Prepared per sprint user stories, test plan, test cases in Test Management Tool
    • Prepared the build from the repository (Bitbucket / Git) once the code is released for QE
    • Developed sprint wise dedicated testers, test plan, test case, and testing with proper documentation
    • Sprint wise bug-fixing to achieve deadlines and sprint success
    • Carried out User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on major releases
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Android | iOS | Bitbucket | Git | DECT ULE | Z-Wave | AWS | Embedded Engineering | Mobility | Cloud | Quality Engineering

Application Diagram

Home Security and Automation Solution Diagram

Benefits Delivered
  • Single stop solution for complete Product Engineering services ranging from firmware, mobility, cloud, and QE, eliminating the hassle of multi-vendor coordination 
  • Leveraged the ready to integrate firmware components from VOLANSYS to expedite the deliverable and reducing the project cost by 10%
  • With expertise and experience in home automation solutions, developed the entire solution within just 4 months by working as client’s extended team
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