Personalized Bathing Experience with Connected Bathroom

Client Overview

North America based supplier and manufacturer of bathroom accessories

Business Challenge

  • To increase the market share, the client wanted to expand the business by providing connected accessories as well as overall bathing experience as an additional value-added service

VOLANSYS Contribution

Designed an easy-to-deploy solution that the client can offer to the users by providing VOLANSYS’ HomeBridge® gateway-based architecture. The HomeBridge® connects with various ZigBee® compatible bathroom accessories like door lock, bulbs, various sensors like temperature, humidity, motion. Thus, HomeBridge® provides a way to control these accessories over WiFi. This also allows the user to use the mobile app locally as well as remotely via the cloud to control the bathroom for various experiences such as,

  • Automatic locking and unlocking of the door if someone is present or absent in the bathroom
  • Maintaining the temperature of the bathroom
  • Controlling the humidity level
  • Dimming & changing colors of lights for various moods

VOLANSYS designed and developed customized firmware of HomeBridge® as well as the mobile app for the solution by integrating 3rd party cloud agent.

Solution Architecture

Architecture for Connected Bathroom Solution

Benefits Delivered

  • The users can now save themselves from extreme cold or hot temperature conditions in the bathroom
  • The solution also facilitates auto-locking of the door in case if the user forgets to lock
  • Huge benefit for the client in positioning from just selling accessories to providing experience