Development of CTA-2045-A Complaint Solution Supporting GEA2 Connectivity​

Client Overview

US based leading manufacturer of water heating, space heating, and water storage products.

Business Need

  • Design and development of CTA-2045-A complaint solution supporting GEA2 connectivity to allow electricity providers to communicate with end uses over a standard interface to help manage the variability of increasing distributed energy resources on their grids​

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • VOLANSYS designed and developed a CTA -2045- A compliant solution that can allow the users to communicate with the heating appliances using mobile app via the gateway​
  • Mechanical Design of Wi-Fi dongle​
  • Prepared conceptualization sketches ​
  • IP51 enclosure design​
  • 3D proto typing in DFM for form factor validation​
  • Mold tooling – Hard mold >250K unit production capability​
  • Silk screen printing process for IO port and LEDs​
  • Translucent Light pipe for LED indication​
  • Gray color enclosure​
  • IP51 testing ​
  • Mass manufacturing >5K units​
  • Mold maintenance​

Solution Diagram


Benefits Delivered

  • Delivered wall-mount enclosure design with good aesthetic which helped client to attract a new set of customers to convert their legacy devices to smart ones with CTA-2045 compliant solution​
  • Customer can deliver a cost-effective solution for enabling connectivity for legacy devices for existing customers which is helping them to maintain the current market share​
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