Smart Solution for Water Heaters, Boilers and HVAC

Client Overview

US based manufacturer that produces heating, cooling, water heating, pool/spa heating and commercial refrigeration products

Business Challenge

Customer was looking for Mobile and Cloud services provider for the enhancement of existing mobile app as well as cloud migration

  • Existing Mobile App Concerns
    • Poor-quality mobile app: multiple crashes, critical bugs, usability issues
    • End-user complaints: no visibility regarding resolving issues in terms of technical solution as well as timeline
    • Frequent server disconnects
    • Issues in provisioning App with HVAC, water heater and many other end devices
  • Customization
    • Migration from generic cloud platform to IoT specific cloud platform
    • Integrate voice-activated control with existing devices using Alexa smart home and Google Home
  • Web Portals
    • Require multiple portals for reducing dependency on development team and pass on the responsibility to company employees, based on the departments

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Resolved issues in heater provision within one week
    • Optimization – modification in the order of steps executed in provisioning flow
  • Modifications in the application (Android, iOS):
    • Ongoing App sustenance engineering and customer support
    • Revamp Mobile App with better UI/UX and features enhancements:
      • Set Point Adjustment (For water heater temperature)
      • Indicators:
        • Running: indicates that the water is being heated
        • Vacation: indicates that the set point is at 65 degree
      • Enable/Disable: to heat water
      • Notification & Alerts
        • Notify the state of the valve
        • Alert for checking the water heater
      • Usage Report
        • Daily/Monthly/Yearly
        • Graphical/Text
    • New features implementation: Intelligent gas water heater – controlling all the thermostats using a single master device or mobile app
  • Migrating from Generic AWS cloud to IoT specific cloud platform
    • Collaboration and development on new cloud
    • Solved the issue of polling (Real-time updates from device to cloud to mobile app now) which was not possible with existing Cloud
    • Transform and migrate legacy application and databases for the cloud
    • MQTT support with faster response and throughput, and lower battery and bandwidth usage
    • Dynamic configuration (new product can be added in system just by setting their configurations
    • Scalability was an issue in existing cloud which needed to be addressed in new cloud
  • Support for voice-enabled control:
    • Google Home
    • Amazon Alexa (Certified with WWA Badge- Smart Home Skills)
  • Developed web portal for end users and other portals for internal use for maintenance of the whole system using Angular.js & React.js

  • End-to-end Quality Testing with Volanium test automation framework suite and python based Robot framework
    • IoT device testing – Edge Device, Sensor, Gateway
    • Mobile application testing
    • Cloud testing

Solution Architecture


Benefits Delivered

  • Rapid Turn Around Time
    • Resolved issues in heater provision within 7 days
    • Reduced average customer complaints
  • Faster time to Market
    • Completed cloud migration in just 4-5 months
  • Improved customer comfort with voice activated solution
  • Process Optimization
    • Integration to Jira and GitHub for release management
  • Streamline Operations
    • Collaboration with three different teams working at different places and time zones putting best project management practices
  • Cost effective
    • Since the older cloud was not scalable and resource hungry, we delivered micro services architecture enabled cost effective cloud solution
  • Executed dynamic UI in mob app allowing changes to be implemented directly from cloud reducing 6 weeks development and QA cycle to publish any application update onto stores