Sports Activity Monitoring Device Development Based on BLE

Client Overview

US-based engineering services company, experienced in medical devices and consumer healthcare solutions, mainly focused on converting complex ideas into commercial solutions.

Business Challenge
  • To increase market share, the client wanted to develop an innovative solution for their end customers in the sports equipment segment, which fit into players’ accessories such as helmet/belt/shoes/etc. and collect  player’s activity data using a set of sensors for further analysis to improve on-field performance and detecting an alert situation in the ground

VOLANSYS Contribution
  • Firmware development on off-the-shelf development board to align with the hardware development life cycle
  • Designed and developed prototype form-factored activity monitoring and alert detection device which fits into a player’s accessories and collects real-time data
    • Class A components finalization and detailed hardware architecture
    • Component placement, PCB layout and Gerber release
    • PCB fabrication and assembly
    • Board bring-up test cases and test reports
    • DVT (Design Validation Testing) on prototypes
  • Firmware porting on final proto hardware board which supports below listed set of high-level features
    • Interfacing the 3D IMU sensor with the final BLE SoC for activity detection and motion data collection
    • BLE custom service implementation for configuration and data reporting to a mobile application over BLE5.0 interface
    • Configuration support for IMU sensor (e.g. sampling rate) and BLE parameters (e.g. transmission rate, transmit power) using Android mobile application
    • UI – Button and LEDs
    • Business logic FSM states i.e. OFF, IDLE, ACTIVE
    • Offline data storage in external memory available on the device
    • Live streaming of activity data to a mobile application on request
    • Offline data collection from device to a mobile application over BLE5.0 interface
    • Over-The-Air firmware upgrade
    • Unit test case development and testing
  • Developed and deployed a BLE based Android mobile application to support below actions after connecting with an activity monitoring device
    • Scanning the available list of activity monitoring devices within range
    • IMU sensor and BLE specific parameter configuration
    • Live streaming of activity data
    • Offline data collection
    • Trigger Over-The-Air upgrade and transfer of firmware image
  • Performance enhancement and testing
    • Implemented power optimization techniques to achieve more battery back-up
    • 160 to 170 meters BLE range in an open field with line-of-sight testing
    • Alert detection and reporting to a mobile application within 10S
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Hardware Engineering | Embedded Firmware | Mobility Solution (Android) | Quality Engineering

Solution Architecture
Sports Activity Monitoring Device Development
Benefits Delivered
  • Helped the client in realizing a challenging solution, developed from scratch to prototype in a quick time, which help them to reduce time to market significantly
  • Delivered an innovation first of its kind product that meets the market needs of a longer-range and extremely low power consumption ahead of the competition to gain the first-mover advantage in the market
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