Transform your legacy HVAC zoning system into a new-age IoT driven wireless zoning control system

Client Overview

The client is a US based leading manufacturer of HVAC zone dampers and zoning systems.

Business Challenge

The company’s primary business objective is to enhance the consumer experience by providing a new-age technology-driven solution and transforming its legacy solution to a new age one, while staying in aggressive budgets.

VOLANSYS Contribution
  • VOLANSYS enabled low power connectivity to the legacy HVAC system by leveraging VOLANSYS CENTAURI 200 Gateway and thus
    expediting time to market for the solution
  • Developed custom hardware for enabling multi-RF connectivity such as Zigbee, sub-GHz to the legacy devices
  • Designed and developed a robust wireless HVAC zoning control system including thermostat, control panels, and – damper controllers
  • AWS certified VOLANSYS CENTAURI 200 Gateway is customized to interoperate with third-party HVAC systems and other custom design modules
  • Hardware Engineering
    • Design and development of a product that would have at least 10 years of product life
    • Class-A component Selection and Schematic design
    • Cost-optimized form factor hardware design
    • Ingress protection suitable for the required field environment
    • LED display for thermostat status
    • Various ambient monitoring sensor integration
  • Firmware Engineering
    • Firmware design and development of Zigbee based end devices of the HVAC system
    • Development for enhancing customer-specific algorithms to operate the HVAC system in order to improve HVAC performance with efficiency
      and energy saving
    • Easy & reliable installation & configuration at customer premise for HVAC Wireless Zoning Gateway with all end devices
    • Troubleshooting support in firmware by providing run-time event logs and fault logs
    • OTA capability to upgrade each device with new firmware released
    • Design, Development, and Validation of the Scheduling Feature
    • Detailed QA testing & Bug fixing
    • Addressing field testing feedback from customer
    • Enable bypass eliminator &  sensor calibration
  • Cloud Engineering
    • AWS Cloud development to monitor, control and manage the entire wireless zoning system setup
    • Provides secure Restful Endpoints for data processing and operations
    • User Interface with best user experienced (UI/UX) design
    • Providing historical data to Administrative Web Portal on-demand (to generate Reports & charts for analytics, troubleshooting, system tuning, etc.)
    • OTA packaging and upgrade management
    • Web portal and Mobile app integration with cloud
    • Real-time data flow management from mobile to cloud
    • Development of Scheduling feature in Cloud
    • Manufacturing mode implementation
    • User settings, device settings
    • Troubleshooting flow implementation
  • Mobile app development
    • Android application development
      • UI integration, back-end development along with detailed testing
      • Supported OS: OS 7 to OS 10
    • iOS application development
      • UI design, back-end development along with detailed testing
      • Supported OS: OS 11 to OS 13
  • Validation and Compliance Testing
    • Pre-Compliance Testing – FCC, UL
    • Hardware validation – Thermal analysis
    • Product Level Functional Validation
    • Support for Final Product Certifications – FCC, UL
    • Automated test Fixture Development for all HW Modules of the product
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Hardware Engineering | Embedded Engineering | Firmware Engineering | Wireless Connectivity | Cloud Engineering | IoT Product Testing

Solution Architecture
Transformation of legacy HVAC zoning
Benefits Delivered
  • Enabled convenience for the users by providing remote management functionality using a mobile app and solution being operated over the cloud
  • Delivering higher customer satisfaction by providing predictive & cost-effective maintenance support using real-time system data analysis
  • VOLANSYS become one stop solution for all technology needs including hardware development, firmware development, cloud development, and connected app development
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