Upgrading the EOL technology to a new feature-rich backward compatible solution with ensured smooth transformation

Client Overview

German Fortune 500 company, a leader in developing large energy utility solutions like turbines, transmission, and power distribution solutions. As part of Industry 4.0 initiatives, they built an industrial IoT solution of monitoring high power transmission lines with specialized sensors connected over Zigbee at sub and distribution stations.

Business Challenge
  • Client’s existing solution is based on the Telit Zigbee module, which is declared EoL by Telit. Existing infrastructure with a Telit module is used in 30 countries with a large installation base, so to ensure the smooth transformation existing Telit solution must co-exist with newly adopted SiLabs solution over Zigbee 3.0
VOLANSYS Contribution
  • VOLANSYS architected a Silabs based Zigbee 3.0 communication solution which is not only backward compatible with existing Telit based
    installation but also can be retrofitted in the existing product such that hardware and firmware containing the core business logic remains unchanged
  • Performed feasibility to ensure interoperability between existing Telit based solution and new Silabs based solution
  • Ported Demo Case profile on the Silabs platform for both Coordinator and Sleepy End Device
  • Developed and executed comprehensive tests covering business use cases and also Zigbee interoperability scenarios
  • Enabled low power sleep mode(s) on Silabs end-device to ensure multi-years battery life
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Firmware | Embedded Engineering

Solution Architecture

EOL technology Diagram

Benefits Delivered
  • Improved solution performance by helping the client to adopt the latest technology and ensuring strengthening solution’s market value
  • Delivered faster time to market and saved a great amount of money by enabling the backward compatibility to use existing business logic which limited the new development scope
  • New solution of high-power transmission lines monitoring is now upgraded with Zigbee3.0 which will help the client build more featured pack solution and launch a new solution offering enabling them to explore new market segment to increase business
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