Vehicle Monitoring and Surveillance System

Client Overview

A US-based industry leader in providing interactive audio & video-based surveillance system to secure businesses by protecting equipments & infrastructure. The surveillance system provides remote video monitoring capabilities with the use of cameras along with video analytics software to improve operations & theft prevention, while securing critical assets. The solution makes effective use of video analytics to help increase the sale of vehicles

Business Need

Track and monitor the location of parked vehicles at the showroom with reduced infrastructure and operative costs and investment to:

  • Address false claims, inventory damage and reduce workplace theft
  • Analyze the number of visitors and their interests in the showroom
  • Get vehicle details with an efficient search mechanism

VOLANSYS Contribution

Design and validation of cloud connected innovative vehicle monitoring and surveillance system, with the use of beacons, having features like:

  • Real-time car location details collection and edit using scanned vehicle barcode data
    • Motion detection, location update, zone identification (entry/exit), geo-fencing
  • View history of the vehicle’s availability in different parking zones
    • Various site listings
    • Ability to manage multiple sites across different locations
  • Heat maps to plot the location of a vehicle on the map
  • Notifications for any vehicle leaving the showroom premises after working hours
    • Scan vehicle barcode
      • Associate vehicle key and maintain key location details using scanned key beacon data
  • Show details of the site on a dashboard
    • Display nearby registered vehicle locations on the map
    • Scan nearby beacons and plot listing
    • Ask back-end to provide detail on nearby vehicles
  • Real-time visitor location collection using scanned visitor beacon in Id-card
  • Maintain full car location history in zones
  • Import car inventory list from sales force
  • QR codes based inventory intake
  • Integrated condition and schedule based rule engine

Solution Architecture

VOLANSYS-Vehicle Monitoring-Diagram



  • Raspberry Pie based small form factor device
  • Firmware design & validation
  • Beacon-based solution to track the “Thing”

Mobile Application Development

  • Supports Android & iOS platforms
    • Scan vehicle bar-code, nearby beacons via BLE with mobile app
    • Add details and plot scanned vehicle
    • View Heat map to identify vehicle location on warehouse map
    • Receive notifications if a car leaves the showroom premises after working hours
    • Show details of site on a dashboard
    • Search and select multiple sites across different locations
    • Display nearby registered vehicle locations map
    • Designed UI using React Native
  • Built CI/CD DevOps pipeline for mobile app deployment

Cloud-based Web Application Development

  • Cloud Software Server-less Architecture using AWS Lambda
    • Front end with Angular 2, REST APIs using node.js and Cloud Database using DynamoDB
  • User management with AWS Cognito
  • Use of analytics to extract information like user interest, “hot vehicles”, theft statistics including “most vulnerable periods”, etc.
  • Integration with client’s existing business software to extract sales data & derive various statistics based on data engineering
  • Built CI/CD DevOps pipeline for web app deployment

Cloud DevOps and Operations

  • Containerized automated deployment and smoke testing
  • Cloud Watch metrics to monitor infrastructure health
  • Auto scaling and Auto healing infrastructure
  • High availability infrastructure monitoring
  • Used managed data streaming services to ensure full security of the data and speed of the data collection
  • Implemented disaster recovery with almost “zero downtime” by Pilot-light and Warm Standby approaches
  • 24*7 support to solve the customer’s product issues

End-to-End Quality Engineering

  • Automated Testing using Robot framework based on Python
  • Cloud test scripts for API testing
  • Mobile app automation scripts for app testing
  • Automated router testing with feedback
  • Manual testing

Benefits Delivered

  • Data storage and compression to reduce cloud resource utilization; minimal infrastructure cost
  • Modular and scalable solution to support multiple inventory surveillance use cases
  • Provision of video proofs of theft and thief identity
  • Increase in sales by providing statistics of user interests in the showrooms
  • Saved OPEX by eliminating the need for costly onsite guard services