Wi-Fi Mesh and HMI Solution for Automated High-speed Labeling System

Client Overview

The client is the leading UK-based service provider in the vegetables and fruit labeling industries. They have pioneered in developing an automatic high-speed labeling system that could apply stickers on specific sized fruits or vegetables based on the customer’s brand and name of the items.

Business Challenge

The client faced multiple issues regarding the Wi-Fi mesh network stability and reliability in the system that leads to frequent disconnection in the labeling process. Besides, to monitor various labeling statistics, the client did not have any mobile application.

VOLANSYS Contribution

The client recognized VOLANSYS as their trusted technology solutions provider for the much-needed embedded engineering and firmware development services. The client wanted the VOLANSYS team to design a stable and scalable Wi-Fi mesh architecture that can handle up to 200 Wi-Fi nodes with additional features like self-healing, auto-routing, auto-mesh formation, and easy to commission. To overcome the challenge of managing large systems and data analysis, the VOLANSYS team developed the next-generation mobile application running on the Android platform.

  • Firmware Development
    • Developed a custom firmware application using the ESP Mesh framework with features like Device status reporting and Mesh provisioning
    • Configuration management from the Android application over BLE/Wi-Fi interface
    • Enabled uplink communication between the HMI tablet application and Mesh nodes
    • Provided custom message support to monitor system stability status per device (fault, Connected, Tape break, Disconnected, Off) and labeling data (labeling rate, Dispensed label count, total count per system) over Wi-Fi mesh. 
    • Provided OTA support to enable the client in developing business logic application and field testing  
  • Android Application Development
    • UI-UX design from scratch for the Android tablet application
    • Updated UI as per mesh network formation progress/success/failure updates from the root node 
    • Updated node online/offline status in the UI 
    • Enabled In-App notifications 
    • Over the Air firmware update support for all devices in a system
  • QA Testing and Validation
    • Tested uplink messages from devices to Android Tablet   
    • UI element testing of Android tablet application 
    • Performed Wi-Fi Mesh testing of firmware to ensure stability and reliability up to 50 nodes
    • Tested Android application for OTA, custom message (uplink only) for 50 node system
    • Tested failure scenarios and self-healing and routing in case of a root node, child node failures
    • Performed stress testing and range testing with 50 nodes 
Technologies | Engineering Expertise

Wi-Fi Mesh | Embedded Engineering| Mobility | Quality Engineering

Application Diagram

Wi-Fi Mesh and HMI Solution

Benefits Delivered
  • Helped in achieving Wi-Fi stability and reliability of the system up to 50 nodes
  • Innovative and easy to use mobile application enabled accurate labeling data analysis and enhanced decision-making capability of users
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