Wireless Cabin Control System for Aircrafts

Client Overview

A Fortune 500 company specialized in creating the most advanced and innovative solutions for aerospace, defence, and security domains.

Business Challenge
  • The client was looking for a cabin control system for aircrafts that would:
    • Simplify the set up and configurations
    • Reduce weight and installation labor involved
  • For the same client was looking for one-stop development partner with experience in the aerospace industry for firmware, mobile app, web interface, and back-end development
VOLANSYS Contribution

An innovative solution using VOLANSYS’ Modular IoT Gateway that configures cabin management system such that cabin crew of the aircraft can use a single handheld device to control Light, Overhead Storage, PSU, and Wireless Speaker.

  • Developed the entire cabin control system using VOLANSYS’ Modular Gateway based on i.MX6UL SOM, KW41Z end devices for lighting, PSU and overhead bins control over Thread
  • Developed backend and WebUI using NodeJS and Angular respectively to:
    • Control Cabin lighting control (scene management, create & apply dynamic scenes, lighting color)
    • Control & monitoring of electrified overhead storage bins & Passenger Service Units (LED backlit indicators for No Smoking, Wi-Fi Available, and Fasten Seat Belts)
    • Wireless audio
  • Designed and developed an Android mobile app for the configuration and Thread commissioning
  • Migrated the Web UI and backend server to customer’s custom Network Attached Storage (NAS) device
  • Added support for IPv6 in the NAS and developed end-to-end IPV6 solution
Solution Architecture
Benefits Delivered
  • Improved the initial setup time by 50% compared to the existing wired legacy system
  • Reduced the weight of the cabin control system by 20 % by making it wireless
  • Simplified set up reducing installation labor