Wireless Charging Capacity Boost via Wi-Fi Driver Implementation
in SafeRTOS for Automobiles

Client Overview

A global leader and innovator in wireless charging solutions for Electric Automobiles

Business Challenge

  • Launch a next-generation wireless charging product for automobiles based on highly resonant power transfer with secured charging capabilities
  • Expertise on multi-vendor chipsets and end-to-end knowledge on technologies like Wi-Fi and SafeRTOS

VOLANSYS Contribution

Marvell Wi-Fi driver development on SafeRTOS

  • Implemented SDIO protocol 3.0 on NXP MPC MCU and bring-up of Marvell Wi-Fi SoC
  • Wi-Fi control path and data path bring-up
  • Platform integration with SafeRTOS
  • Integrated LWIP stack with low-level Wi-Fi driver
  • Integrated Security WPA2-PSK
  • Developed APIs for application layer interface
  • Performance and Congestion testing
  • Integrated Dynamic Frequency Selection algorithm and QoS

ISO 15118-8 Specification Implementation and Validation

  • Implemented HTTP communication between server and client (TCP and UDP as transport)
  • Implemented all the JSON messages according to the schema mentioned under ISO 15118-8
  • Followed MISRA-C 2012 guidelines and Doxygen throughout the code with documentation

Solution Architecture

Wireless Electric Charging for Automobiles

Benefits Delivered

  • Reduced project cost by 40% by mitigating additional networking stack requirement against memory allocation issue
  • Being a one stop solution, increased operational efficiency by avoiding multi-vendor coordination
  • Delivered faster time-to-market by reducing product launch timeline by 25%