The Cavium PACE is an extensive network of world-class partners. The ecosystem has 70+ partners that help customers to reduce time to market and development costs for the OCTEON, PureVu and NITROX family of processors.

VOLANSYS offers software development services for OCTEON with thorough understanding and analyses of requirements. We engage with organizations to bring differentiation in user experience, development, enhancements, support, and maintenance across the complete application lifecycle and software solutions.

VOLANSYS: Cavium Software Consulting Partner

As a software consulting partner, VOLANSYS help enterprises and technology providers with:

Software Development Services for OCTEON-based Project:

VOLANSYS experts have developed a software development kit (SDK) for the Cavium XPliant Ethernet Switch which is also ported onto the Cavium OCTEON TX CN81XX. With this experience, VOLANSYS can design and develop complete control plane SDK.

Digital Networking Services for OCTEON-based Projects:

With in-house Digital Networking expertise, VOLANSYS has the expertise to build the complete software stack for the SDN-related ASIC including SDK, Drivers, Control plan & Management layers, White Modelling, QA, Network Modules & Simulations. Team VOLANSYS recognizes the challenges that network equipment providers in the high-speed Digital Networking industry face while trying to accelerate new design & development and thus provides services for constantly re-engineering and sustaining legacy products.

Quality Engineering Services for OCTEON-based Projects

To bring the product up to the mark of highest quality, VOLANSYS cater Quality in various segments by means of its core engineering services. With multiyear experience in developing IoT Products, Enterprise Software, Mobile Apps, Cloud-based Solutions, Connected Apps, VOLANSYS engineers have evolved into Seasoned Quality Advocates with a mindset of Automation that is fueled by the passion for engineering and honed through a path of challenges.