CIO Magazine Names VOLANSYS as one of ‘20 most promising IoT Companies’

CIO Magazine Names VOLANSYS as one of ‘20 most promising IoT Companies’

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It is a matter of pride and pleasure when the world acknowledges our dedication and effort towards achieving something that we firmly believe in. Today is our day to savour this feeling – VOLANSYS has had a mention of its name on the pages of the extremely reputed CIO magazine, June 2015 edition.

On the magazine pages, VOLANSYS has been described as one of the companies that

Aid their clients to adopt IoT faster and prep up internal infrastructure to exist compatible enough


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While we are extremely elated to be listed on the prestigious pages of the magazine, we still feel it is only one of the primary few achievements that we had aimed for. Customer service and support are our business mantra and we aim at bagging a lot more titles and applauses by sticking to these mantras.

We also take this opportunity to state that VOLANSYS is steadily putting forward steps in the smart infrastructure ecosystem. The company plans to rigorously invest and participate in the home and office related IoT world in the immediate future. We have already prepped up with a few proprietary IPs to start with!

We look forward to make IoT System Integration and automation an easily accessible product unit for our clientele.