Python in Cloud Test Automation

Python in Cloud Test Automation

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Programming for testing requires a different approach than programming to develop an application. If you want an easy and stripped off language specifically for test coding, Python comes as a great choice. Python test automation framework offers full support for verification, data generation and collection of scripts.

At VOLANSYS, by implementing an automation testing framework we have become free from the necessity of manual testing. By developing Python automation testing framework we have already completed more than 700 test cases replacing all human efforts and involvements.

Python Test Automation framework is used to support verification, data generation, and collection scripts. Testing like Acceptance testing, API testing, Boundary value testing, End to End testing, Integration testing, Interface test is done by test automation. When it comes to fast pacing automation tests with least human efforts, this testing framework just proved to be remarkable.

Let me tell you my personal experience as a software engineer while going through testing of APIs and SDKs. In our company testing, one app often requires a week or more time. This has been a great challenge as far as reducing time to deploy is concerned. For completing projects within the specified deadlines, we needed to address this problem. While inquiring on the number of test cases that can be automated successfully and the respective time that can be saved, we realized that automation testing can test the fundamental features and functionalities in just a few hours, saving huge manpower and time.

For a cloud app development company like us, it was extremely important to know whether the framework suits all aspects of the cloud or not. As the testing results came positive, we got assured that the framework can test all aspects of the cloud ranging from Cloud front end testing with Selenium, Cloud API testing and Cloud Database verification.


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  • Benefits of Python Cloud Test Automation

Python is just the perfect language for cloud test automation for many reasons. Let us have a look at the key advantages of using Python for cloud test automation.

  • Low learning curve

The biggest draw for Python is the low learning curve that can be done by anyone. Just by comparing with a coding example in Java, you will realize that Python involves fewer lines of code and least typing compared to Java.

  • No need to worry about running a compiler

Python is a thoroughly scripted language that requires no advance compiling. This saves the testers from running a compiler ahead of time.

  • A rich set of tools

Finally, to make things even more interesting, Python offers a rich set of tools extending the functionality and support. All the testing specific tools are inbuilt in Python.

Python is an open source and it offers great support system. To ensure fast-paced testing environment with quick implementation and output Python cloud testing framework comes as the obvious choice. Drop us a mail at [email protected] or call us at +1 510 358 4310


About the Author: Nirmi Mehta

Nirmi has done Bachelors in Electronics & Communication. She is with VOLANSYS since 2 years. Her primary job profile is as an Automation Engineer. Her major experience includes Python based Automation framework development. Her skills in designing modular and scalable automation framework and build & deployment automation, make her very versatile QE professional.