VOLANSYS to launch Thread & ZigBee Ready Modular Gateway Reference Design at IoT Tech Expo in Santa Clara

VOLANSYS to launch Thread & ZigBee Ready Modular Gateway Reference Design at IoT Tech Expo in Santa Clara

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Santa Clara, CA, Oct 11, 2016

VOLANSYS Technologies with a strong reputation for its innovative approaches in the emerging space for IoT solutions and applications, announced today that they will be launching one of their reference design – Modular Gateway at IoT Tech Expo, North America 2016. This tech event is going to showcase new innovations, developments and approaches in IoT space from around the world is supposed to be held in Santa Clara, CA, on 20th and 21st October 2016. Visit VOLANSYS at booth #206 to learn more VOLANSYS capabilities in IoT Solutions.

Confirming the participation, Mr. Manan Patel, CEO of VOLANSYS Technologies, said to media that “We are going to show our strength in IoT by launching our Reference Design – Modular Gateway Platform at this convention center.” He added that – “This design is going to be a breakthrough IoT platform enabler with a bucket of the possibilities of the connected environment for multiple IoT industries”.

Mr. Dhruvesh Patel, CTO of VOLANSYS Technologies said, “Our Gateway is based on i.MX6UL ARM® Cortex A-7 based processor. Right now, it is ZigBee and Thread Ready, while, with its modular hardware design and mickroBUS compatible connectors, we can easily plug in any other radio modules such as LoRaWAN or SigFox. This multi-radio connectivity option enables seamless connectivity and plethora of use cases across various segments of IoT. It is using standard IoT Protocols such as MQTT and CoAP for north-bound communication. NFC support allows quick and easy commissioning of end devices. It is also having hardware enabled advanced security. If you are curious to learn more about our modular gateway, visit us at Booth #206 in IoT Tech Expo, Santa Clara.”

Mr. Bhavin Shah, EVP Sales added – “With the increase in demand of IoT in various industries, our reference design gives flexibility in customizing gateway based on their industry’s requirement to build M2M solutions. Let me name few target industries – Smart Health, Smart Appliances, Smart Lighting, Smart Manufacturing, etc.”

The 2-day event is going to offer IoT offerings from global tech leaders and emerging IT companies will showcase the latest and next generation connected solutions that are being built or just waiting to be deployed. Visit us at Booth #206 to see live demo of our gateway reference design.

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