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December 2016

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Essential Tips For Cloud Security

With the world getting comfortable with Virtualization, Cloud Services has taken a leap. As more and more people are getting drawn to receive cloud-based service the risk of security has…

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Announcing HomeBridge at CES 2017, Las Vegas

Santa Clara, CA – VOLANSYS LLC, a leading IoT Experts, announced that they will be launching HomeBridge – a smart, cost-effective, multi-functional IoT Gateway Solution for Home Automation at CES 2017,…

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End-To-End Data Security Using Apache Kafka

For the people who still do not know about Kafka – it is scalable, developer friendly and highly fault-tolerant messaging system, widely used for building distributed applications. Kafka is rapidly…

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Why Performance Testing is Important?

Why there is so much fuss about application testing among developers? Well, the main reason can easily be attributed to the indomitable role performance testing that plays in the success…

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OAuth2 Plays a Vital Role In Cloud Computing

The OAuth 2.0 is the latest version of the OAuth protocol considered as useful for providing authorization decisions across a network of web apps and APIs. OAuth protocol, which is…

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VOLANSYS Exhibiting at CES 2017

Santa Clara, CA VOLANSYS Technologies announced about exhibiting at CES 2017 to showcase their offerings with innovative solutions in the field of IoT, Wireless Connectivity, Connected solutions, Multimedia, Wearables, Mobility…