Internet of Things

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How Private 5G Networks are Shaping the Future of Enterprise Solutions

A private 5G network is a network carrying all the key capabilities of 5G, however, it is isolated from the public 5G network provided by any Mobile Network Operator (MNO)…

BLE Mesh Technology for Industrial IoT(IIoT)
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Bluetooth Mesh Network Revolutionizing the Industrial IoT(IIoT) Industry

Bluetooth, a well-known wireless technology has continued expanding its capabilities across the world. The adoption and device production of Bluetooth technology has dramatically increased every year. Share Bluetooth, a well-known…

Bluetooth LE Audio Featured
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Bluetooth LE Audio – The Game-Changing Wireless Audio Technology

Bluetooth is a key wireless technology penetrated most industries with various applications. The Bluetooth Special Interest Groups (SIG) community always enables innovative features including various mesh networks, the extended advertisement…

A Zero-Touch Provisioning Solution
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How to Enable Secure, Zero-Touch Provisioning in IoT Deployments using CENTAURI 200

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around the world, transforming things into smarter and connected ones. Nowadays, more companies are focusing on designing and building next-generation cutting-edge solutions. Share…

Wi-Fi-Spectrum-Comparison Featured
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Wi-Fi 6E: The Next Big Step Towards the Future of Connectivity

Wi-Fi has optimized the use of available unlicensed spectrum to deliver efficient and reliable connectivity of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Share Wi-Fi has optimized the use of available…