Connected Apps
Building intuitive and connected apps for devices, IoT solutions & wearables

Connected Apps


The world is witnessing the power of mobile devices as they are nudging us towards a “connected world” with the help of connected apps for devices, IoT solutions & wearables. VOLANSYS helps develop some of the most intuitive & well connected mobile apps on iOS, Android, Windows & other platforms with rich features like secure communication, relevant business logic, rule-based automatic control of sensors & devices, real-time alerts & so on.

What is Unique About Us?

While app developers are mushrooming the world over, all app developers might not possess appropriate skills required to deal with devices; and program them using various profiles even if they know the APIs of particular platform. They need to know how a device operates and how to program/configure various parameters and use diverse communication profiles/protocols. Our expertise in areas like embedded technology and app development gives us the edge required to help companies build apps for their next generation connected products, including mobile, TV & watches.

Let's Talk About Your Requirements

Monitor Sensors and Provide Predictive Analysis for Healthcare

If you are dealing in the healthcare domain, designing sensors, patches or devices, or providing a comprehensive total solution, we could help you build the connected app with an intuitive UI that connects with these sensors/devices/patches. The app can be on any platform – mobile, TV or watch. We can develop the app to gather information and control the gadgets. These kinds of health and fitness tracking apps can generate alerts, extract and send information to the cloud, and also help you with predictive analysis to keep users and their relatives informed about important environmental or biological shifts that they should be aware of.

Control and Monitor Appliances and Devices
  • If you already have an app and are facing challenges like integrating SDKs from various device manufacturers, implementing new specifications, rebranding the app for your customers, adding subscription models, in-app purchases, video streaming or other features, we could help you meet your goals. We can take up any partially or fully developed app at any stage of development, and build and deploy the app for connected devices.
  • If you have an application on a specific platform, we can help you extend the app to other platforms. We can also help convert a desktop app to mobile, or merge desktop and mobile apps to serve as a common app.
Industrial Apps

By combining our expertise in industrial automation with connected apps development, we have been helping some of our customers in the manufacturing industry to produce apps that are robust & user friendly, to support real time control of sensors as well as monitoring & gathering data to help manage processes in the plants.

Securing the Data

If you have concerns about the security of vital data, we can help you design apps that can securely communicate with clouds & the devices. We have the expertise, necessary to encrypt/decrypt data in real-time to prevent hacking.

Technologies & Standards That Matter

Developing mobile apps since the days of J2ME based not-so-smart phones, we have gathered substantial expertise in various technologies for developing connected apps for the Internet of Things.

  • Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows & others
  • Languages: Objective-C, Java, Dot Net, Symphony, PhoneGap, Xamarin, JSON, XML
  • Connectivity using Bridge/Gateway: Wi-Fi, ZigBee profiles, Zwave, IR
  • Direct Connectivity: Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth profiles, NFC, USB, Audio jack
  • BLE Profiles: alert notification profile, find me, device information service, health thermometer profile, heart rate profile, proximity profile & much more
  • Push Notifications: Apple Push Notification service (APNs), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), Windows Push Notification Services (WNS)
  • Standards: HomeKit, Thread & much more

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