Digital Networking Solutions


Organizations are looking for new ways to maximize their investment in communication networks while ensuring reliable and secure data transmission. There are a variety of communication solutions, the two most common being wireless & wired technologies. While both have pros and cons, wireless communication has been gaining an edge, with consumers using more and more wireless devices. At the same time, reliable communication needs still get fulfilled through high-speed wired communication. Team VOLANSYS recognizes the challenges that network equipment providers in the high-speed Digital Networking industry face while trying to accelerate new design & development and thus provides services for constantly re-engineering and sustaining legacy products.


While Software Defined Networks (SDN) are still maturing, we have the expertise to build the complete software stack for SDN-related ASICs including SDKs, Drivers, Control Plane & Management layers, White Modelling, QA, Network Modules, and Simulations.


QA & Validation of SDN

If you are developing a SDN, we could help you reduce your development cost and add value to processes by performing complete SDN Testing and Validation. We possess a long-hauled know how in decoupling the system that makes decisions about where traffic is sent (the control plane), from the underlying systems that forward traffic to the selected destination (the data plane). The testing can include L2 & L3 as well as board diagnostics, bandwidth and so on.

Reengineering & Sustenance of Legacy Products

If you have an existing product version & are busy developing its next generation release, we can take up the customer engineering, re-engineering & sustenance work for existing products to free up bandwidth for your development team.


  • Tools: SWIG, Make, OvS, Valgrind, Cppcheck, Spirent, Ixia, Oprofile, GIT
  • Protocols: Vlan, Lag, Various Tunnel, Bridging, Routing, Openflow, Multicast, QOS, ACL & Basic Protocol
  • Interfaces: PCIe, MDIO, I2C, CPLD, Socket programming, WiFi, Ethernet, RAM, Flash, GPS
  • Device Drivers: PCIe, User-Space DMA Driver, Kernel-Space Net-Dev Driver, SAI Host Client
  • Script Writing: Python, Shell Scripts
  • Automation Tool Development: Parser Engine, Test-Suite Automation Framework, ASIC Chip Diagnostics
  • Applications: Wireless Mesh Applications, Network Management & Monitoring, CPE
  • Networking Utilities: NETSTAT, IPERF3, VNSTAT, Hostapd, OSPFD, AeroPeak, CLI, ARPING, VMSTAT, WPA-supplicant, SNMP, Syslog, Wireshark
  • Traffic Control & Firewall: L2/L3 Traffic Control, Packet filtering, NAT, EBTables, QOS, IPTables, D-VLAN
  • Wireless Stack: Linux mac80211, L2/L3 Stack, Net80211 Stack, DFS, QOS, (D)VLAN
  • Wireless Drivers: Marvell’s open source drivers (Linux), Marvell’s Proprietary drivers (Linux/Android), Mad-Wifi, ath5k, ath9k, ath10k
  • Operating System: Linux, Android, VxWorks, RTOS
  • Distributions: OPENWRT, YOCTO, BuildRoot, Ubuntu
  • Wireless Chipsets: Marvell, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Quantenna, Ralink
  • Platforms: ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, XSCALE