Enhancing the buying experience through smart retail

The retail industry is undergoing a massive transformation driven by connected solutions that are changing the way business is done. IoT technologies have been instrumental in improving customer experience, inventory management, supply chain optimization, automated checkouts, and more. With a wide array of applications, the retail industry has to contend with challenges such as infrastructure availability, data security/privacy, and data management.

VOLANSYS, with its vast experience in IoT solutions development, ensures secure communication between end devices and cloud while ensuring optimal use of infrastructure and resources. We have expertise in the design and development of end devices, gateways, cloud, and mobile applications for a varied range of solutions, including connected vending machines, interactive digital signage, automated checkout systems, smart shelves, and more. 

Industry Needs

Enhanced Consumer Experience

Developing intelligent tools helping understand consumer expectation, buying pattern and deliver personalized services, targeted content, connected shopping apps, interactive digital displays, smart shelves, and automated checkouts, prompt customer support

Enhancing Consumer Experience
Consumer Data Security

Enable secure infrastructure for consumer data storage, management, and transmission, ready to use platform for monitoring, managing, and OTA thousands of connected devices/gateway on the field at different geographical locations

Consumer Data Security
Predictive Analysis Model

Developing data-driven supply chain, AI/ML-based predictive analysis to understand consumer needs and trends ensuring seamless operations in real-time, inventory management and tracking systems, remote device management and content delivery using cloud SaaS

predctive analysis model
Legacy Device Transformation

Integrating/transforming legacy devices to connected ones with rapidly changing technologies and challenging competitive dynamics, ready to use Gateway/Hub solutions and IoT cloud for OEMs to enter retail market quickly

legacy Device Transformation

Retail Offerings

Various system such as display, audio-video, and billing system integrations to make the consumer buying experience more convenient and pleasant to improve visitor footprints
Ready to use platform for monitoring, managing, and OTA thousands of connected devices/gateway on the field at different geography using IoTify
On-shelf smart inventory monitoring system based on BLE beacons, RFID, and barcode
Developing a separate multilingual app for admins, storekeepers, and users to provide a better experience and control at all levels
Development of real-time target content delivery systems based on analysis of dwell time application usage
End to end testing (manual/automated) of connected solutions covering end devices, cloud, mobile/web application based on latest technologies by developing actual use case scenarios
Design, development, integration, deployment, and management of end to end BI enabled IoT cloud to collect market intelligence


Industry Exposure

Experience of delivering connected solutions to companies ranging from startups to industry leaders

Legacy Device Transformation

Rich experience and expertise in integrating/transforming and enhancing legacy devices into connected solutions

Delivering Certified/Ready to deploy Products

We can deliver region-specific certified (FCC, CE, ROHS, UL, etc.) solution with a complete rebranding and ready to retail boxed products to OEMs at various geographic locations

Diverse IP Portfolio

Ready to use IoT cloud and low-cost Gateway/Hub solutions to help OEMs in achieving faster time to market and lower upfront investment cost in R&D for their end-user applications